How to improve the efficiency of sales department of a development company

05.02.2018 00:45
Articles about real estate | How to improve the efficiency of sales department of a development company In most development companies, the sales department is the most undervalued and poorly used resource. Why this happens and how to change this situation told managing partner of Oy-li Ukraine Dmitry Lunin.  Sale begins with a call-center

Sale begins from the moment the customer called your company. A constant flow of calls is a "headache" of the marketing department. The task of the sales department is to work out each leader qualitatively and not lose it if it is targeted.

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An error that most call center managers allow is work in the style of an "information bureau". Dialogue in such cases unfolds in approximately the following way:

- Good afternoon, I'm interested in the apartments in your residential complex

- Yes please

- Tell me, how much will a two-room apartment cost?

- The footage of our two-bedroom apartments is from 50 to 80 sq.m. The minimum price for an apartment is 48 000 thousand dollars.

- I see. Thank you. Bye.

- All the best

It is clear that this dialogue for sale has nothing to do. But having called in a few dozen development companies, I came to the conclusion that most sales departments even in large companies-developers work exactly this way.

The main tasks facing the sales staff are two: to qualify the leader and agree on the show. To escape from empty conversations in the style of "information bureau", managers should have a clear script of conversation. Believe me, no matter how professional a staff member is, improvisation will definitely not help him sell.

How to understand if the staff of your call-center is working at the moment? It's simple. The necessary rate of conversion at this stage is 55-60%. That is, at least 55% of the callers must come to the show.

Primary impression

Immediately make a reservation that the manager who receives the primary call and the one that shows the apartment are two different specialists. We in the company always advise our customers to divide the sales managers by functions. This simple technique allows for three months to increase sales by 20%.

Not all potential customers who have agreed to show come on the appointed day. This is absolutely normal. But to let this situation take its course is not worth it. To increase the "reachability", you can use sms and e-mail-lists, as well as reminder calls. "Good afternoon, you have an appointment for today at 13:00, tell me, are there any factors that might prevent you from coming?" One short call, and the person will feel obligated, because he promised you.

At the first show, the manager must identify the client's need. It is necessary to understand why he needs an apartment, what payment options he considers for himself. Perhaps even offer a more advantageous location in another residential complex.

The manager who displays the apartments must also have a written conversation script with the client. However, unlike the call center employee, he will not be able to spy on in case of what. Therefore, sharing the duties of managers, "in the field" send the most experienced.

Let's wait ...

After the first show, few conclude a contract. Often, customers "leave to think." But again, this does not mean that your sales managers have to wait until the client "thinks out", will come back and buy. At this stage, the client needs to "shove".

SMS-mailings about promotions and favorable terms
E-mail-newsletters with construction news (hooray, we are finishing the lining of the house)
Calls to find out the relevance of your offer
Advertising in social networks, remarketing

In order not to lose all "warm" leads, use the CRM-system.


So, the client came to the second show. Now the main task of the sales manager is to work with objections. The specialist should work out all the fears of the client and convey the value of the purchase in your company. As you understand, at this stage in the conversation with the client the manager is also guided by the script.

Evaluate the work of a sales manager who specializes in shows, again, it's worth the sales funnel. The conversion rate from the show to the concluded contract is 20%.

If we talk about the full cycle of the transaction, the conversion from the primary call to the contract should not be less than 5%. Analyze your statistics, are you within the norm?

What everyone forgets about

Another tool that will help increase the profit of your sales department - up sale and cross sale.

Up sale is an increase in the amount of the check. The best way to apply Up sale in the development market is to show apartments with a large footage / number of rooms than the client originally intended.

Cross sale is additional sales. Storage room, parking space, repair - often all this is not included in the price of the apartment. So why not increase the check by selling them along with the living space?

As I wrote above, developers are just starting to move in the direction of development of sales departments. Despite the apparent great competition, the market is not saturated. Therefore, those who will begin to effectively use the resources of their sales department today, tomorrow will receive a doubled share of the "market pie".

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