How to find time for yourself and your family?

08.09.2010 06:52
"If in a day was 48 hours ...», - dreaming of you. But alas, this will not happen. Let us see why you are losing precious time and did not have time.

Many of us are trying to kill two birds with one stone. We want to do everything, rush about between the bathroom and kitchen, holding in one hand, working papers, and in another - the phone ... If you're trying to do everything at once, the result will be poor.

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By evening, the rooms are still a mess, laundry kisnet in a washing machine, and you are not sure what to fill in the working papers. You are upset: how can this be, since you all day on their feet, and work has no end? How to be in this situation?

Plan your day everyone!
If the list is too long, most likely, you do not have time. Already this one idea might just discourage them to do anything. To avoid this, write down things of importance, and immediately determine what can wait until tomorrow. Be realist, you are not a robot.

The first step is that which you most want to do. Begins when you work best. If you leave the difficult task at the end of the day, when already fatigued, you will be heavier.

Finally, leave what brings you joy. Why? Because such cases, we spend too much time.

Think about what you're wasting your time. Clearly razgranichte time allotted for work and leisure. Take short breaks at work, but make sure they are not delayed. If you decide during a break to read an interesting article, you will be hard to return to work. Better put down the magazine until the evening.

Keep order!
Put all into place, and accustomed to this whole family - is one of the secrets of free time, because you'll have less to leave. Make sure that each item had its place - the keys and the phone always strive to get lost in the worst possible moment.

Morning, spend lots of time wasted aimlessly hanging out at home? Before leaving the bedroom Cover the bed and going to the bathroom, grab the stuff in the wash. So you can do two things at once on the route bedroom - bathroom. "

One soldier in the field

Perfectionist dream that everything was done perfectly, and it simply does not allow the house to do many things. Alas, since they themselves are preparing a trap. You, too, no one is allowed to help, because it can not stand when something is done carelessly? Poorly washed dishes or dust on the shelves nevytertaya takes you from yourself ...

But what of the fact that the house was perfect order, once you do valites from fatigue? So the behavior you are accustom to a home that does not try to do, because you and everything is for them to alter. They get used to what you're pulling farm for themselves ...

Are you sure you want this?

Do not be a perfectionist

Maybe you are a child taught that the primary responsibility of women - support
cleanliness in the house and cook for the whole family? Alas, modern life demands more from us. Work and child rearing - it is only part of our responsibilities. But it is clear that to achieve excellence in everything is impossible. Chronic fatigue, early wrinkles, lack of time to close - that's the price you have to pay for unnecessary perfectionism.

Do not hesitate to ask for help and to demand that others, too, doing something around the house. But do not skandalte not vent to his annoyance family members for what you supposedly all use. Part of the blame for the existing order is on you, because that's what you have taught them to do so.

It is better to calmly explain wit that on your shoulders lay down too much pressure and you need support.

Remember: in order to appreciate their hard work, you need a close eye on minor issues. Poorly washed sink - it's not a tragedy. Do not try to fix everything, better to read a book in the evening.

Assign responsibilities
Share responsibilities to the mind. Sit down together and make a list of household chores. Let everyone say what he likes to do and what not. Try to accommodate all requests. Maybe you're tired of cooking every day at all, and your husband will be happy to become the family chef. From childhood accustom children to work at home, so they quickly become independent.

And remember: eternal busy at work and chores around the house does not leave time and effort on the most important - to talk, walk or dinner together as a family. And it is these moments make our life more interesting!
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