How to choose a site in the cottage without a contract?

05.02.2011 15:02
Articles about real estate | How to choose a site in the cottage without a contract? Plots without a contract - one of the most successful products of the real estate market crisis. In the most difficult for the industry in 2009 for sale in the villages of the format at times exceed pre-crisis figures. However, despite its apparent simplicity, when buying an object such as a piece of land to give a modern housing estate buyer can expect a lot of difficulties.

Two sides of same coin

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Advantages in areas without a contract is sufficient. And the main one, in fact, which determined the unprecedented popularity of the format - it is the price. Typically, these camps are located at a distance of more than 60-70 kilometers from Moscow, and the earth there is not that expensive. In addition, the owner of this site is not necessary to immediately pay for the construction of houses, and hence no need for credit facilities, which then have to pay interest. In addition, can restrict a small cheap house. And in general construction can lead to the accumulation of money, and even by the owner and his family. Moreover, in many cases, payment of summing Communications also carries on then. " Thus, the cost of land without a contract in a modern village with protection, roads and public areas somewhere in the 70-80 kilometer Novorizhskoe or Kaluga highway could well be 300 thousand. Naturally, such a proposal had plenty of willing, even in the midst of crisis.

Continuation of the merits of plots without a contract, as so often happens, are drawbacks. For example, a lack of commitment on the timing of construction of houses could lead to the construction of the neighbors will be delayed for years, but it is not just unattractive to behold the picture. This regular trucks, which divide the road noise and the presence of neighboring property outsiders often - residing illegally in large numbers of individuals. Another obvious drawback - the lack of a uniform style and requirements for construction projects, which often leads to the fact that the village eventually becomes a "Shanghai", and not a modern European settlement. Well, so attractive "installment" in summing up communications in some cases can result in years of expectations. And this applies not only to gas or water: just as long you can expect road construction and children's playgrounds.

Do not just plot

Land without a contract at first glance no different from the infamous "six hundred square meters in suburban cooperative Soviet enterprises, which stood out the best workers, or bought from the add: a small plot of land designated pegs, which later turned into a cottage with garden, vegetable garden and a hammock.

However, the modern site without a contract - is not just a piece of land. As a property, it consists of the land, as well as properly completed documents, failed communication, the total intake and protection of public sports and playgrounds, guest parking, gazebos and other recreational areas. In short, the concept of "land without a contract" inherently includes all the features and benefits that claim in the sale of developers.

Oddly enough, but the village where the land is sold without a contract, must also be built. After settlement - is not only a home, it's also all the infrastructure and organization of the operation. Must be executed all documents, permits and approvals from various services, electricity, water, gas, built roads to the village and within it, individual security and taken other measures to ensure the safety of the villagers, organized garbage collection, conceived landscape design and equipped with Pleasure area, and much more. This list is in every village will have its own (for example, will not be sports fields or exquisite landscapes), and what it will explicitly, usually stated in the description of the builder of the village.

Thus, the first thing to do, going to buy a plot - is to understand what is offered for sale. And at what stage of construction is the village itself. Hence, it becomes clear, it is expensive, in fact, offer, or cheap. After all, if the minimum amount only offer land, you should calculate the overall total cost of the project, when they made all subsequent payments for communications, built roads and parking, other infrastructure. And vice versa: if a sentence in a series of all-inclusive, it is big, compared to just the land price can be very profitable.

Fine words butter no parsnips

The most "sick" theme areas without a contract - developers compliance deadlines and keeping promises.

Of course, if you purchase land in the existing settlement, you are assured of long-term construction. However, the price of land in the final settlement, of course, higher. 've Already paid for, for example, engagement of gas or intra-asphalting of roads, put light poles, equipped with beach or a place for collective barbecue. Who acquired land at the beginning of construction is likely to pay money gradually, or another target purposes. But "later" buyers have to bear all the costs immediately. Although the total costs, of course, would be roughly the same.

However, the desire to save money and buy a plot at the initial stage of development of the village is not so hopeless. Main carefully draw up a contract. It should be regulated in detail all elements of infrastructure: how many kilowatts of electricity relies on a selected area, in what place it is fed to a gas pipe, for which technology and how wide the roads are built, the parameters of the water wells, the location of the playground. The seller must be absolutely clear and documented answers to any infrastructural facilities. Ask to see the developer received technical specifications to summarize Communications, compare the validity of permits to conduct work with the real situation in the township.

It is clear that the delay in payment from the buyer to rely on compliance with the stated terms is not necessary. However, the reverse situation, the buyer may well require the developer of the promises in the courts. And not to spend time and nerves in the courts, it is useful to ask before you buy, how a particular developer is able to keep his word. And he knows how to build settlements in general. Today, at the age of the Internet, find out which towns have been built according to the developer and what his professional reputation, it is easy. Ideal same option - to purchase land for the second or third stage of the settlement. Then you can see what has happened in the developer as he visited the first one, already existing, the queue.

In addition, it makes sense to look at plots without a contract in the Multi-towns, where you can also finished houses. Here, the terms of construction and the likelihood of their implementation, are generally higher.

Risk - it reasonable

What if all the same like in the area just extracted to the market town and the name of the developer community does not say anything? Certainly, the risk to buy a plot without a contract and then wait for years promised electricity, or be able to drive to his own property only on horseback or jeep - is. But you can minimize this risk.

As already mentioned, it is important to pay careful attention to drawing up or at least a perusal of the proposed treaty. All there a list what was promised in the advertisement and during the negotiations for the sale? Clear whether the prescribed period of time? And as technology will be arranged financing and construction of infrastructure facilities? For example, if the road will run only after its "road contributions" will make 90% of residents of the village, the roads will not, at least until they sell 90% of sites, and it may take years.

It should also be alert to situations where the purchase, you only pay for the land, and communication (the right to connect to them) or join in a resort association, which owns or will own communications, the developer provides "a gift". After all, the "gift" he has a gift: treat, for example, to court over not received in time gift - is quite problematic.

Another "risky" situation - when the contract reflects a fraction of the actual amount paid. Then, "in which case" all claims will be possible only on the documented amount. But she tends to be much less than the actual expended.

Choosing a site without a contract

So, when choosing a site without a contract, it makes sense to act on the following scenario.

1. Among the many proposals to choose suitable for your household criteria: direction, distance, presence of forests and rivers - in short, to choose those villages that have liked. And continue to carry out among them the optimal choice in terms of getting promised.

2. Find out what kind of object it is proposed that part of the bid price, and for what would have to pay extra, and to what extent. Thus, we can identify the most attractive offers in terms of price.

3. Determine the options that are generally not provided in this site and see how their lack of importance. For example, if the construction of the playground is not envisaged in principle, but the seller said that then, if all the people want, it can be built, it is quite possible that this is not done ever.

4. Determine the readiness of the settlement and the time construction is completed.

5. Find out what kind of experience and reputation of this developer, as he had already built settlements.

6. Check with a developer, what commitments on terms of construction on their plots are from the owners. This will help to plan their own costs for the construction of homes and assess the likelihood of delaying construction on adjacent plots.

7. After purchasing the plot to control the performance of its obligations real estate development company.

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