How to choose a management company?

25.11.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | How to choose a management company? Today we are at the stage of construction of country towns. Following six months primary rural market in Ukraine is represented in more than 100 projects. And while buyers are more interested in the issue price per square meter, and the availability of communications infrastructure , few people think about who will be engaged in the operation of the settlement after construction.

We've learned that the operation of the real estate in which we live , are engaged in state-owned companies , which regulates all processes from gas supplies to repair clogged drain. Today, the market management company went private , and how the work will be based on the maintenance of the village, largely depends on the accumulated experience of these companies .

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Market of private management companies in the country real estate is in its infancy in Ukraine , and the consumer has to be extremely careful in this matter. When buying a country house recommend immediately ask , and who will manage the settlement after construction. Today you may encounter three types of controls:

1. Management development company
2 . Manage an independent management company
3 . Manage homeowners

Experts recommend that consumers choose the suburban real estate projects that first year - two are managed by the construction companies . This gives an additional guarantee that all communications and infrastructure facilities , it built properly be put into operation and will be maintained in accordance with established rules and regulations . Obvious advantage of this option is the fact that the developer (especially cattle) has the ability to allocate the costs of the management company to one of several villages that saves the cost of both the management company and the end user. In addition, the developer is responsible for creating a successful project on suburban real estate market - it's not just quality and thoughtful construction, but a balanced approach to the operation.

Then you can either extend the management contract with the company-builder , or choose any of the two remaining options .

If you decide to go to an independent management company , then I recommend you look around for projects under the management of the company at the moment, as well as its reputation in the market management . Today with the help of the internet to do this is not difficult. Independent management company as well as company-builder may have the ability to optimize costs while managing multiple villages in a similar location. But most of all , her services will cost the user a bit more expensive . In the process of selecting an independent management company pay attention to characteristics such professional activities as having trained personnel , quality control system and guarantees.

The third control option , at first glance, it seems more cost effective and profitable. But in practice - it is the most difficult form of interaction , which generally leads to the first or second embodiment . If you are lucky and your partnership will be people professionally involved in running , then you may be able to realize this and socio beautiful version . In practice, the lack of experience in real estate management from the owners of property increases the cost of services and the creation of terrible negative atmosphere in the village .

Regardless of the form of government should be at the stage of purchase to determine the management company . Many buyers are afraid to enter into management contracts simultaneously with the contract of sale of the object , but this format is most preferred. In such a situation you are at an early stage can plan how to manage the village will be organized , which will consist of the operational board , who is responsible for maintenance , security and other expenditures .
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