How to choose a cottage?

01.09.2011 08:00
Articles about real estate | How to choose a cottage? The dream of your own home, surrounded by greenery and calm in Kiev resident pushes to change a flat in a stuffy dusty town on the quiet idyll of the mansion. Because of this, this kind of real estate never falls greatly in price and will always attract his pastoral comfort weary resident metropolis. But is this idyll is justified? Our reporters visited dozens of capitals of cottage townships, to find out - what it is, life in your own home, and what you should pay attention when selected.
Location is everything
Among the seven towns built cottage situated within the boundaries of Kiev, and 94 - in the area. The first question that should answer a potential buyer - he needed the suburban villa or an apartment full replacement, permanent housing. By giving as a seasonal residence requirements are low - it can be placed anywhere, not even in the town. However, if a person tries to keep moving in their way of life, which is especially important for families with children, he'd better pay attention to the cottage towns, which are either in the city or in close proximity. At first glance it seems that in Kiev there are not many places that could compete with the suburban landscape, but there are pleasant exceptions.
By purchasing a cottage in the city, a man is able to maintain their habits, social circle, the daily routine. He will be able to provide children with stability, not taking them out of kindergarten and school, watching friends. Also, do not forget the important part - the reach of the city of operational services, including ambulance, fire service, etc. Even today's private life, "ambulance" is not able to respond to an emergency call from a distant village. And to be in a suburban hospital would not want a resident of the town elite.

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Cottage by the lake
Of course, the house at the lake or river at first glance seems ideal for large families with children. But popular now location near water bodies, often artificial, has its disadvantages. The fact that the soil near natural bodies of water are unreliable and often floating. A namytaya soil near the artificial lakes are often infertile and can not plant trees, organized as an accomplishment of the village and local area. In addition, no service manual could save you from mosquitoes, which breed in water. And the quality of the water often leaves much to be desired.
So much more important than the presence of nearby forests and green areas, preferably wild, which can be fraught with undesirable acquaintances, and in the forest or reserve.
Also worth to pay attention to the architecture of the village. Do you like the facade, if your house is different from the other houses in town? What a view from the windows - kitchen neighbor, wasteland or forest. If the town houses and a large number of high population density, what it will be different from life in a residential area?
The most attention should be paid to the issue of communications. Within the town of Kiev must be connected to the city's electricity and sewage networks. The village outside the city - should be to centralize systems in the nearby village. Popular today "pit latrines", as well as stand-alone treatment plant "Septic" and "Biotal" can not replace an established and well-functioning sewage system.
Do not forget that their own wastewater treatment plant can be a source of infection, and in case of damage will transform the life of an elite camp in the tragedy, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine."
Almost all towns have a system of wells. At first glance, this seems a prestigious solution, but the disadvantage of this system is that over time, well silting and require expensive repairs difficult. In addition, it is important to choose the right depth for each area to avoid the appearance of hydrogen sulfide in water or other unwanted impurities. Also, the quality of water from wells is not always won over ordinary tap water.
Smart House
Is now gaining popularity "smart home". But in Kiev, there are units of cottage townships, in which the system is properly implemented. The maximum that can be counted - this equipment is personally your cottage to-order in isolation from the general system of the town. However, for full operation of the "smart house" should be centrally managed. Such a system allows for full dispatch home, including the security system.
Finally, the important issue of compliance of your dreams - this is an opportunity to choose and make individual amendments in the draft.
Buying a finished house, in the absence of risk you are to minimize any possibility of self-expression. Ability to make changes to the layout, make the wiring of communication in accordance with the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware, order individual technical solutions exist only if the developer individual approach to every customer.
Therefore it is better to choose a cottage in the town, which only began to build, the builder with a proven and good reputation. Such single-family houses now being built in the cottage "Fairy Tale", which is located within the boundaries of the capital - Theophany, near the forest reserve and the famous monastery. All communications of the town are connected to the city networks, the system of "smart house" is centralized and includes all accommodation, each house has individual architecture, and you will be able to choose a cottage or expensive, or cheaper townhouse. 
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