How to buy a country house with the least risk?

25.10.2010 00:08
Articles about real estate | How to buy a country house with the least risk? According to the professionals more than half of the country real estate buyers are dissatisfied with your purchase. Most often, dissatisfaction arises because of ignorance, and the time is not taken into account peculiarities of a country house and its grounds. In this article we will consider some aspects that are desirable to consider when buying a secondary suburban real estate.

First of all, if you're going to buy a country house for permanent residence, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons and evaluate their real possibilities. Very often customers are captives of their illusions, introducing country real estate "dream home". In fact, everything goes in a different way. It turns out that money to live in a country house to order more. And to the usual care of cleaning the house and added another site, which also requires a lot of attention. Often there are problems with transport at a sufficient distance from the site of the city. After all, need daily ride to work, buy groceries, and led children in kindergarten and school. And it takes a lot of time and effort. The truth is the last time in the new suburban complexes are built schools and kindergartens to residents, but not everywhere. Also need to think about the situation with the urgency or the need to call the doctor sometimes led children in a children's hospital.

If, after assessing their real potential your decision to buy "a house of their dreams" has remained unchanged, then consider at what time of year to do it the most profitable. According to the statistics of professional realtors peak sales of suburban property occurs at the end of spring, and the second peak - at the beginning of autumn. This is due to the fact that people are buying not only the house, but the site and in the period May - June you can see the yard in all its splendor. The second peak of sales associated with the holiday, after which the number of enthusiastic buyers in the summer increases again. But to buy a country house during the flowering area is risky.

Reduce the same risk of acquiring low-quality suburban housing may be buying a house is not in the spring during flowering, and for example, during snowmelt or late fall when it rains. In these times of year you can clearly ascertain whether the basement is not flooded, basement or sewer septic tank does not run a roof, heating system and how it works, you can see all the shortcomings of the site and soil.

It often happens that people buy a home that they are completely satisfied, but unfinished. Relying on the fact that when the money they will finish it and finished. Typically, the money for construction does not appear or appear, but not soon. And people are forced to live in constant construction, but this fact does not bring happiness. In general, if a house is not completed, then it means that the former owner was a reason, and it is usually not a lack of money, but admitted earlier in the construction design mistakes and shortcomings. They can consist of anything: a bad layout, poor insulation or foundation. Former owner, perhaps, and complete the house, but he understands that even will finish the house for the comfortable life he is unfit. In this case, you probably will not notice these flaws before purchasing. And pay attention to them while in service or during construction of the unfinished house. And maybe then decide to resell. Such houses, which sold out several times, the real estate market very much. Therefore, we can advance to ask about the history of selling the house and its former owners.

Another perennial problem of country houses - it's ground floor. Home with a ground floor are very popular among customers. But there is always the possibility of flooding the cellar or basement groundwater. Even if the waterproofing was done qualitatively, although this is rare, then ten years later she is still somewhere so will flow and will require repair. Therefore, to buy homes with base needed to limit care.

Generally when buying a suburban property should be extremely careful. After all, the smallest problem - is to buy a house with bad pipes, they at least can be replaced. And if you buy a suburban house, and then it turns out that the house properly laid the foundation and structure is gradually deformed and destroyed, in this case is unlikely to correct.

One solution - if you buy suburban real estate to construction expertise. While it is not accepted, most buyers rely on the opinion of someone "experts" provided with them, or sometimes just on their intuition and knowledge. Therefore, so frequent disappointments in buying a home.

Come in handy are when buying a house and consulting services of a professional realtor. Even necessary, as an experienced professional can give a reasonable estimate of the object and see most of all defects at home (of the design state to its convenient location). Even without conducting building expertise, an experienced realtor can see the obvious shortcomings of the structure, which you yourself may not notice.

Armed with all this, perhaps, your purchase is a country house will be more pleasant, and buy houses of better quality. Good luck with your purchase!
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