How much should cost at home in the cottage

01.07.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | How much should cost at home in the cottage If you take a sample of the cheapest building technologies ($ 400-450 per square. M without finishing work), add in the cost of land, summarizing communications and administrative expenses in the sum should have at least $ 700-800 per square. m. These are average prices for houses today. About this told the press service of the company "Ukrainian Trade Guild".

"If the price is lower and it is not a temporary discount to attract a buyer, you should be very careful, because this developer, will operate at a loss, that is not logical" - warns a senior consultant Dmitry Pickalov.

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But low prices for households in the cottage does not always mean that the quality of their construction is the lowest. "Typically, this means not the best location of the cottage settlement and not the biggest houses adjoining land, which, respectively, leads to higher housing density," - he explained.

In addition, according to D. Pikalova, cheap cottage villages, as a rule, can not boast of good ladshaftom: nearby may not be a forest, lake or river.

During the construction of houses "economy class" are used to cheaper building materials. However, the expert advice from complexes strongly about this. "We are faced with the fact that in the" business class ", and sometimes on the objects that are declared as" elite class, using the same materials, and that the construction of houses "economy class" - he stressed.

Lack of control over the quality of construction, the disruption of construction terms, and poor design, too, not only relate to the problems of affordable housing. According to D. Pikalova, in this case, everything now depends not on price, but from the developer. "Often, even the elite cottage villages disrupted construction time, poorly performing their obligations," - he said.

At the same time, the expert advises potential buyers to acquire homes by openly dumped - this property can go into a load of problems that are difficult to notice at first.

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