How many ask for the rental of apartments and houses on New Year's Eve?

14.12.2010 06:35
The holidays is a growing demand for daily rent apartments and houses. On New Year cost rental housing has increased by more than half.<br /><br />"New Year 2010 we met with friends in Truskavets", - said Alexander Gavrilenko marketer. According to him, the cottage was booked on eight more in the middle of October.<br /><br />As it turned out - they do not hurry in vain. "Find a good option just before the New Year - is practically impossible", - says Alexander. In addition, the closer the holidays, the higher the price.<br /><br />"We rented a house for 800 USD per day, and similar housing options 29-31 December already offered at a price of 1000 UAH for one day," - said Alexander.<br /><br />On the rise in price of rent during the holidays, compared with ferial days realtors say often and willingly. The rise in prices of more than 50% can be explained not only by the desire to earn lessors, but sharp decline in supply. Many homeowners prefer not to take shelter for the New Year celebration, because they understand what can turn to rough flat feast. It happens that subsequently have to buy new furniture and even do repairs.<br />New Year's capital<br /><br />In a telephone conversation, the mediator told the "money" that now rent an apartment in a residential area of Kiev is possible for 350 USD per day, but on New Year's owner willing to rent it out the same only for 600 USD. If you rent a place in the central areas, the rents can reach 2000 USD per night. Landlords are willing to give 5 - 10% New Year's tenants only if they withdraw an apartment for 5 - 7 days.<br /><br />An excellent alternative to a city apartment - New Year's Eve out of town in a rented house. If the house does not look at the last moment, we can find a spacious villa at a price of apartments in the heart of the capital. For example, 50 km from Kiev, there are proposals to price 2000 - 2500 USD per night. In general, the difference between minimum and maximum rates of rent suburban housing is impressive. On the rent affect primarily the state and location of the house.<br /><br />For example, a nice house in 30 km from Kiev with three bedrooms, a fireplace and a sauna is offered on New Year's Eve at the rate of UAH 5000 per day. A well equipped spacious cottage directly in Kiev can cost three times more expensive. But in the days ferial rental cottage in the country starts from 800 USD per day.<br /><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8426615393746993"; /* 468x60широкий */ google_ad_slot = "0633076384"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> <br /><strong>New Year's Eve at Sea</strong><br />Chime, champagne, noise of the surf. Experience all it promises to meet the New Year in the south - in the Crimea or Odessa. And while ARC more closely associated with beach recreation, on the New Year holiday resorts are not empty. Given the increased demand for housing, on New Year's famously quirky landlords raise prices.<br /><br />This is despite the fact that, according to observations, "money", today there is no shortage of Crimean apartments and houses that can be rented for the New Year holidays. However, realtors insist on early booking, frightening potential tenants because "tomorrow, this option will not be."<br /><br />Cheapest way is to stay in a modest apartment Sevastopol. New Year's day in the city cost from UAH 300. Leader price may be considered to Yalta. For example, a house near the sea for a big company (10 - 12 people) is from 4000 USD per night, which is 70% higher than on ordinary days. Renting an apartment on the seafront of Yalta is from 600 USD per night.<br /><br />In Odessa, looking forward to an influx of wanting to walk on Deribasovskoy New Year's Eve - there are also pushed up prices for daily rent. For example, a luxurious apartment in the prestigious Arcadia can be removed for 5000 - 8000 UAH. However, in the city rather proposing more loyal to the price - from 600 to 1000 UAH per day. Well-equipped, spacious private homes in Odessa, are offered from 5500 USD per night. You can save by leaving to celebrate New Year in nearby resort town, where a house for the company for 4 - 6 persons for rent for 1000 - 2500 UAH.<br /><br /><strong>In the Carpathians!</strong><br />It is hard to argue with the assertion that New Lions full of charm. Every year tourists from all over Ukraine tend to plunge into the festive atmosphere of streets and squares of the city. Apartments for New Year holidays in Lviv booked for two to three months.<br /><br />Demand in Lviv, on New Year's holidays can be explained not only the charm of the city, but also relatively cheap. Rent an apartment for holidays in the city is from 400 USD per night. But the apartments in the center with an excellent repair would cost in 1000 USD, which is 50 - 60% more expensive than in ferial days.<br /><br />Those who want to experience the magic of snow-capped mountain peaks, the New Year go to Yaremche Vorokhta, Volovets and other beautiful places of the Carpathian Mountains. Meeting in 2011 in a cottage in Yaremche is from 3200 USD per night. Six Vorochta cottage in the New Year holidays in 1500 will cost USD per night. This is twice the price that tourists pay in mid-January.<br /><em> </em><br />
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