How best to sell the apartment?

02.10.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | How best to sell the apartment? Sale of flats can be carried out with two options. First - aid agencies, real estate. Second - separate action for the sale.

So, if you still choose the first option.

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Competent expert's done everything for you. This will require a contract of sale, and if necessary extract the power of attorney "to assemble a package of documents." You can be sure that these instruments can perform only the preparation and assembly of the necessary certificates, do not worry about what the apartment will be sold without permission.

Also, a real estate agency bude an advertising campaign, with the implementation of all the hits. The owner will be invited to receive a deposit / down payment or have to directly execute the contract of sale. On average, the service broker would cost 2-3% of sales price. Typically, this amount is installed over the amount of the owner, and he gets all the named sum in his hands. But as the volume of work with the studio as a one bedroom apartment and housing price difference - you need to persevere in regard to specific numbers, and the bargain. If the apartment cost $ 3 million rubles, 3% of its price will be 90 thousand, although the price of services would cost 30-40 thousand rubles.

In the solution to solve the problem of housing sales alone, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Proper advertising campaign?

You should not ignore either one of the methods.
Namely: the supply of ads in the newspapers relating to matters of real estate, accommodation on all sites on the property and the repetition of placing every day (because the proposals come in large numbers, so your ad may simply be lost in the bottom of the list) do not need to be lazy, but ring a chime, all the ads in the newspaper, saying, "buy a flat; sticking to all the houses in the ad with the theme of" apartments for sale. "
No need to wonder, sometimes, this method works better than any other. Prospective buyer, if he comes to inspect the same apartment in a nearby street, if they would be noticed your ad will contact with you.

Is there a need for cosmetic repair?

If the apartment is in a normal state, the need to waste precious time, effort and money for repairs, no. Future owner will be selected by the walls, meters and location, rather than wallpaper, flooring and tile in the bathroom. Typically, new tenants immediately after the acquisition of housing repairs done.
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