Housing Code makes the owners of «Khrushchev» powerless

14.02.2011 10:45
The proposed power Housing Code makes the owners of apartments in "Khrushchev" virtually powerless to powerful construction companies, the director of analytical research center of the Institute of Alexander Sergienko.

"The problem of" Khrushchev "reduced to the problem of resettlement or eviction, except, of course, bribes for access to land. This problem is being addressed through a separate law passed back in 2006 now that was regulated by a law, the developers of the Housing Code of Ukraine "shoved" into a single article. 166. Naturally, it did not make any selection criteria for housing, going under reconstruction, nor the rights of those being relocated, no guarantee against abuse of authority or developer ", - says Alexander Sergienko.

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"In fact, people are left alone with the powerful construction companies, with a pack of unscrupulous lawyers and skinhead guards. A government can make it even easier - to bring home to such a state that people will be willing to relocate anywhere, just to move ... to speak here about such lofty matters as the sanctity of private property, which is guaranteed by Article 41 of the Constitution simply does not make sense - comrades understand "- said the expert.

A. Sergienko stressed that the Housing Code is a single piece of legislation, which integrates a single area of law and revises the previously existing laws, so it was logical to expect that he will gather them together under one cover and replace. "However, transitional provisions, we learn that, for example, the Law on privatization" continues to act as a base, and he, in some points of principle comes into conflict with the new Housing Code ", - said Alexander Sergienko. According to him, under the new Code, the SDMX also works, but "subject to the requirements of this Code and the State Program of development and reform of housing and communal services in 2010 - 2014 years."

"Consequently, neither of which codification can be no question. For what he wrote then? "- Sums up the director of the Institute of the city."

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