Forecast for the future: what house will be demanded

15.11.2010 17:25
Articles about real estate | Forecast for the future: what house will be demanded To date, suburban real estate market experts say the following trend: the shift of consumer activity in the lower income group, the so-called middle class. Income per family member in this segment begins from 25 thousand rubles.

Company Start Development "held a large study of customer preferences in the market of low-rise housing. Olga Ponomarev, director of marketing, shared with the portal results of the work.

- Which segment of the suburban real estate will be most in demand in the near future?

- Corporate Strategy "Start Development" - is the construction of low-rise affordable housing for permanent residence. It is this segment of our company is regarded as the most promising at the time, which might be called post-crisis.

- How do you explain this trend?

- The decision to focus on the segment of economy class was made due to economic reasons as well as our own ambitions and desires.

Let's start with the fact that, whatever the economic situation was not in the yard at the moment, the demand in the segment of the economy class will always be much more widespread than in the segments of the business and the elite.

In high school holiday house - it's usually second homes, luxury item. And buyers of townhouses and cottages economy class usually buy these at home as the first (permanent) housing, receiving funds from the sale of available apartments in the city.

In this case, "START Development" aims to create not certain suburban towns, and full low-rise suburban areas, most comfortable, affordable and attractive for permanent residence: a well-developed social and commercial infrastructure, central communications, good architecture, etc.

We want to build a European-style suburbs.

- Which areas of the Leningrad region, in your opinion are the best for this segment?

- Certainly, the southern, as in this direction relatively inexpensive land, the best transport accessibility (compared with other areas of St. Petersburg) and more opportunities to connect to utility networks. Plus the proximity to such historic suburbs, like Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Gatchina.

- What, in your opinion, the reasons for buying a suburban economy-class housing for permanent residence?

- First and foremost, we determined that there are three levels of understanding of quality housing: own apartment, own a house with its own land and the presentation of a mansion, which every man sooner or later wants to buy. Suburbs - this environment, the value of health and family life, most buyers are or have or are planning to start as soon as children.

- What characteristics should have housing that is suitable for permanent residence?

- Houses should have all the advantages of urban life. Very important transport accessibility, so that you can live out of town and go to work every day in the city. This should be at 20 km from the Ring Road to the trip takes a maximum of 1.5 hours. Of great importance is public transport. Ideal presence of the railway station close by: it's a definite timetable, not tied to the tube and some guarantee that it is always getting at Petersburg.

Buyers want to have all central communications engineering and pay special attention to the presence of gas, because it helps reduce utility costs for electricity and heating. Interestingly, the dedicated Internet line is stated as a necessity, but the telephone - not, as many have a cell.

Must be some life near the village. People are afraid to move into the field, they want to have nearby towns. Development of commercial and social infrastructure is characterized by the presence of such objects as a kindergarten, school, health clinics and the like.

In addition, buyers attracted by its own land, which can be divided into a small garden. We found that the land area is not so principled. It is sufficient that there was placed a playground for their own child or, for example, shed for dogs and BBQ for the rest. By the way, the final purchase amount should emerge not only from the cost per square meter house box, but also take into account the area of local area. It is desirable that this price included, and communication.

Security is important, especially for their children. Most often at home in the village get people that have the same social status. That is, this is a kind of unified social group.
Finally, the countryside there are no parking problems, so common in urban multifamily housing.

- What are the preferences of consumers in regard to the facade and planning decisions?

- With regard to economy-class housing, here in the planning of the most important thing that the maximum area of the house was helpful, but not common. Residents in this segment prefer to fit their needs all the space, including the area under the stairs, for example. Country House offers more features: you can buy a cottage a larger area for the same money as the apartment is a smaller area.

If we talk about architecture, then the people most important to a home for permanent residence looked more reliable and more durable than a simple problem.

- Your project is an economy class "Golden Keys" with which to enter the market, meets all of the above parameters?

- In general, it is based on the results of our research preferences of potential buyers, we have developed a first draft.

The village is built in Thai, right behind the red village of Gatchina highway. Minimum format - town house area of 54 sq m, with houses adjoining the site in 1,5 weave. The cost of such ownership, including land and Communications is 2.2 million rubles. In principle, IZHS (the presence of registration) for the money next to the city - a real alternative to the urban housing that meets all of the above parameters. This is the format that will be demanded.

- Opened a sales already?

- Home sales is announced at the end of 2010. Commissioning the first phase (150 homes) will be implemented before the end of 2011. While we are free reservation. And for several months without hype collected about 150 applications. We believe that this is very good for this product. Such a result could lead to a fairly rapid pace of sales since its opening.

- What do you expect the pace of implementation? And whether to raise the price?

- During the first half, we focus to sell an average of 10 houses per month. In total 570 homes will be built. Thus, plans to take a turn in the year.

At the beginning of the implementation of announced price of 40 rubles per square meter. Then we look at demand. Increase in cost will be, but how much and how quickly - will depend on the demand for the product on the market. If, for example, the house will be sold at the time of its completion and will be implemented as a secondary property, it will naturally go up immediately.

- Whether the proposed sale to some other formats in addition to townhouses?

- Yes, cottages. Their minimum area of 90 square meters. m on a plot of 3-4 weave. This home will cost 3,5-3,7 mln. The technology of construction - panel frame. This is housing that has a fast speed of erection and allows you to get to a certain cost and selling price.

Trends in post-crisis periods: the most liquid housing - this is the cheapest. That is, plots without a contract or a house valued at around 4 million.

- Please share with us the company's plans. They will also be linked to economy class, or you'll go along on business and the elite level? Could you talk a little bit about the upcoming project, "South".

- Both in business and the elite we have no plans to leave. Almost all of our plans for the next few years are related to the satellite city of the South. " It is about 3000 hectares, which will be built housing economy and comfort classes. There will be built traditional "START Development" small townhouses, duplexes and cottages, but these will be added to apartment buildings in height from 3 to 7 floors. We are currently developing a master plan in conjunction with the American project offices UDA. The beginning of the project is scheduled for 2013

- Thanks for the interview!
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