For registration of rights to an apartment in the capital can register online

24.09.2010 05:08
Since the Office Rosreestra Moscow hopes to win the queue.<br />Enroll in a filing to the state registration of property rights to housing, from 23 September in the capital can be virtually - via the website of the Office Rosreestra Moscow. You choose the desired reception room, a convenient time, enter your name and address of the property that you have to register - and print from your computer voucher at the reception. In test mode, the system worked from September 17 - and the experiment was considered successful.<br /><br />Innovation applies to all who have purchased housing as a result of any transactions (sale, donation), inherited, etc. In all these cases, the current law, a rightful owner you will be considered only after the state registration of your law.<br /><br />- Our first priority - the fight with queues at reception. For this purpose, in particular, we are expanding opportunities for pre-recording is convenient for the applicant's time - now it can be done by phone and online - has explained the meaning of innovation in a meeting with journalists Sergei Denisenko, head of Rosreestra Moscow.<br /><br />Another quite important innovation - from September 27 to obtain an extract from the register of property rights in Moscow will be on the same day. A deadline for the registration of transactions with housing will be reduced to 12 days (now 15 days until this summer had to wait for documents per month). This also applies to the registration of ownership of parking lots and garages.<br /><br />It is assumed that the faster the work of state bodies was out middlemen, offering money for a lot of "help" in the "fast track" registration of necessary documents. Opportunity to make an appointment via the Internet, in theory, this should also contribute.<br /><br />Site (Office Rosreestra Moscow time) go in the section "Registration Rights" and in the resulting window, click on the line "Pre-entry to the reception of documents". Next, fill out the form below.<br /><br />In the confirmation voucher (you can print it and to be sure to bring) will indicate the number of windows in which you want to attend.<br /><br />Make an appointment can be at any of the next 60 days - naturally, at the time that has nobody taken. Your correspondent, however, in an experiment without too much trouble could enroll online in the waiting room on the street. TM Frunze, 3 on the following Monday on the most "running" time - 9.30 am.<br /><br />
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