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16.10.2010 16:16
What is Feng Shui?
We can say that it is an original set of rules drawn up by millennia of observation. Rules aimed at creating a harmonious environment for human beings. In the article "Feng Shui in our opinion. Lay-house "we have already discussed what practical recommendations can be drawn from this exercise as a result to make your home more harmonious. In this article we look at what the recommendations of Feng Shui can be used in planning and slum area (local area).

Initially, a few tips General Plan:
According to feng shui, an ideal place for location of the house will be like, to the north were the mountains to the south - the sea in the east field and in the west - the forest.

Fine, if you have on the site that way :-). And if not, then a small hill successfully replace the mountain, a small pond and lawn, respectively, the sea and field, and a few trees and scrub-forest.

We recall once more that the plot, as the house is divided into eight parts on the sides of the world, and each area is responsible for this or that goodness: south-east is responsible for wealth, the south - for the glory of the south-west - for the love and marriage, the east - for the family, the west - for creativity (for Whom rank as and children) in the northeast - for the wisdom and knowledge, the North - for career, north-west - for the assistants and travel.

Accommodation for children is not recommended to build in the yard of the house parents. This limitation applies to families formed by the children. Given the relationship between mother-in-law and, perhaps, the feng shui of rights - the young family is better to live separately.
Not recommended that the territory of the court has flowed a stream. It seems to me that our area is a rare combination, but check to make through the site did not pass the pipe with water-just can not hurt.
House and land should be in the same style. Since the construction of houses can not be avoided right angles, it is recommended to mitigate this fact as smooth lines on the site. Do not symmetrical layouts, it is better to choose a more natural, natural forms.
In his article "The criteria for selecting the land, we have considered the basic principles of such a choice. Add to this a few guidelines of Feng Shui:
Not recommended build (buy) housing in the T-junction, as well as at the intersection of streets. That is, before the house should not be a street, running straight at him. This advice may well be explained logically - I personally had to watch as the roundabout vehicles constantly move into the fence of the house.

Not recommended build (buy) accommodation at the end of the impasse. The logic is - for security reasons - is really not worth it. In addition, often a deadlock can call in car (parked or unfold).

Considered a very good sign if south of the site, there is empty space. Logic can not trace, but if you so - you can be happy :-).

Consider a few tips on the location of the entrance to the house:
For the southern entrance to do better on the north side.
For northern areas - on the contrary.

Not recommended to place the main entrance to the house directly opposite corner of the house next door (and more generally, on the contrary any angle).
Just before the entrance there should be no big trees, especially dry, or lying on the ground. For security reasons, - very right advice, the dry tree may fall, he can get lightning. Through the entrance should be able to enter and to make things - trees, indeed, be disruptive. Not to mention the leaves in the gutter system.
If the site with a difference in height, it is recommended to have input in the higher part.

Recommended to always do one more input-output (except the main).
Now consider the recommendations relating to elements of the improvements.

Driveways and paths
To increase the visual area of the site, track better not to do straight, meandering, and mask their end so that it could not be seen. A branch of the tracks are best done in places where the track is wider.
If the site has an elongated shape, the tracks that run diagonally across the site to be hiding somewhere around the corner, you can visually make the garden more widely.

If the garden is also shrinking at the end - it will plant many trees and shrubs, not to see this restriction (In China, this form of plot is considered to be unfavorable for the health of the site that may be ill).

The plot in the form of an inverted trapezoid, on the contrary, it is considered auspicious, accumulating a favorable energy. Visually, this can be done by planting trees at the beginning of the plot or making a living hedge, while leaving a wide area at the end.

If the site is L-shaped it can isolate specific areas to meet the guests and for yourself. (Although in itself a form of area or room in China is extremely unfavorable that promises all sorts of troubles and misfortunes)

Lighting plot
China is considered correct when there are lights at the corners of the site. On the southern side, in order to stimulate the zone of fire. A lantern in the southwest corner will add strength in family ties, and lit the western sector will bring the romance in relationships, as they say the founders of Feng Shui.
If you like to spend evenings in the garden or welcome guests - do not forget about coverage of the site, where you meet friends, track to the garage, sauna and other facilities which are likely to walk guests, covering arbors, where you will spend your free time.

Garden furniture, decorative items
In the garden, usually dominated by wooden objects (this and the trees, and garden furniture). In order to obtain the energy space over the equilibrium, we must add other elements. Metal gratings and wrought-iron furniture, ceramics, glass, add the energy of other elements.
Barbecue or barbeque is better to construct the south (the Chinese say, that so we can stimulate the area of fire).
If you have a sense of lack of stability - a place in the south-west or north-east of the large boulders. Stone should not be much, but a few large blocks will look great in any garden.
Cadovaya furniture permanently located on the street, so it should be of materials, well carrying the atmospheric load. It is better that the material was a natural (wood, metal, stone).

Areas, paved with stone and tile
The site, paved with tiles will look better surrounded by plants (shrubs, lavender, growing between the individual tiles, plants, curled on the lattice). In a green framed tiles will not look so sad.
Paved area is better to make irregular shapes, avoiding straight lines and angles. If the posting area of the square tiles - make small shifts in the series that was not symmetrical repetitive elements.

If the there is a choice than to pave the ground, it is best to choose a stone flagstone or any other natural stone. Of course, laying a natural stone will take longer, require more effort, but the appearance of such a site would be much more likable.

Trees on the site
Trees planted in the garden is not much better than tall, with rounded crown. They are believed to accumulate positive energy to harmonize the space.
The high peaked trees are considered unfavorable, but as a "guard" their houses is also quite possible to grow. The main thing - do not overdo it. 02.03 trees or arborvitae, a greater number of such forms make space unfavorable.
If you got a ready-made garden that you want to change - try to leave the oldest trees. The Chinese believe that cutting down of trees reduces the power of the court and oppresses the residents. If a judge without power - then the old trees have beautiful thick trunks, strong crown, they themselves are the decoration of the courtyard. But from the sick and dead trees to get rid of - they not only support the infection, but also potentially dangerous (they can in the case of strong wind fall or catch fire from lightning).
Coniferous trees, even the most snowy winter will entertain you with their greens. The same applies to evergreen herbaceous plants.

Ornamental plants and hedges
Hedges are able to distinguish the space of the yard without creating a clear-cut angular forms. Would be best to hedge growing on a smooth curve. And, neatly trimmed hedges is equivalent to a brick wall - leave some natural, negligence, forming the shape of a hedge.
Climbing and climbing plants can significantly mitigate the existing angular forms. Climbing roses, honeysuckle, kampsis growing up in the corners of the house will be removed completely acute angles, smooth sharp lines.

It is believed that the plants, Entangling house is "compress" the energy inside, do not give home safely "breathe". If we ignore the energy, these plants often close their windows, the room becomes dark and difficult to look after them. Do not allow full WRAPPING home.
Thorny plants are the source of constant danger (the Chinese believe that they create an aggressive, tense atmosphere). But a couple of "custody" in tubs on the sides of the entrance to the house can be put. Cacti or miniature Christmas tree perfectly cope with this feature.
Flowers, flower beds, vegetable garden, herbs
Flower beds, flower beds, the beds better to do than strict geometric shape (square, rectangular), and with jagged, smooth contours. This looks beautiful, and walk on a section will be easier (no need to rotate 90 degrees every 5-10 meters).
For the construction of the flower beds look closely to your site. Plants that you plant will grow better in places where the grass grows well in ordinary.
Fragrant flowers in the garden create a pleasant atmosphere, a relaxed, relaxing. Try to plant more flowers near the places where you normally rest (around the arbor, the plate, where he meets guests).

To gladden the garden all year round, try to choose plants that bloom at different times. For example, in one area can be planted tulips (bloom in early spring), peony, different types of lilies, Chernobrivetsy, dahlias and chrysanthemums. Total of 1-2 bush each plant - and a flower bed is in the colors of all the warm season (and will continue to blossom and chrysanthemum after the first frost).
In China it is believed that using different colors of flowers can be stimulated by the energy in different zones of the garden (for example: red flowers in the south of the fire and help to stimulate public life, and the blue and white in the north to help in advancing the career ladder).
Various medicinal plants grow well in the garden, since they give the atmosphere a lot of garden fresh flavor can be successfully used in agriculture as drugs and spices.
No need to adhere to the strict form throughout. It is quite possible to plant a series of some colors, but the garden should not be geometrically correct. Try to combine things difficult incongruous (for example, coniferous trees, flowers and ground cover succulents).

Pond, pool
If you want to find a suitable location for the pond - look at where there are hollows in the area (so you will have less to dig deeper for the pond), as well as a place where plants grow poorly. In China it is believed that lower-lying areas and places of the weak growth of plants - places of accumulation of negative energy, and had a pond you protect yourself from exposure to this energy, as in the pond, we do not usually swim.
The best option for the location of the pool will be south-east, south-west. It is in these places will be more sun to soak up the sun. Think about what time of day you usually relax by the pool. Of course, feng shui says that the elements water and fire badly compatible and can not be placed side by side, so make the visual separation (plant a hedge, build a pergola between the fireplace and swimming pool).
Do not make the pool (not a pond, a swimming pool, bathing place) in the hollows and places where grass grows poorly (remember, we said that it accumulates negative energy).
Waters should be commensurate with all other objects on the site (lots of water will worsen climate and create a dull landscape).
There is such a thing as a fountain. On account of this construction are contradictory opinions (some say it is very good, while others that are bad, because water always tends downwards, and we forced her to climb force the upward). In any case, the fountain - this is a significant time and cost, constant care, replacement of filters, power consumption. Therefore, think carefully before making a fountain at his site.
Pond`s better to create a natural wavy outline, avoiding straight lines.

Sauna - putting the same way associated with the element of water, it is best to place next to the pool, on the southern side of the site.
do not make a sauna adjacent to the house - it is not safe.
Before you build a gazebo, determine why you need it. If you plan to welcome guests here - the pavilion will need to make quite large. If it`s a lonely place for you personally, then come up and a small neat building.
If the gazebo to meet guests, it should be close to a spacious area where it will be able to safely walk, will be equipped with space for cooking kebabs and so on. Arbor for a loved one can be done at the end of the garden, to disguise its trees to make a narrow path for passage.
Arbor is better to build in places where the grass grows well (it is believed that there comes a positive energy).
Better to build a gazebo on the hill (so around it will not collect rain water, the walls will not get wet, and you do not have to jump over puddles).

If a gazebo for you personally and you are there is usually a rest, then build it on a hill near the pond. Water has a soothing properties, gives strength.

Barbecue, fireplace
Fireplace, BBQ, a barbecue is better to build in the south, south-west. Usually we get together with friends in the evening, and an arrangement of the site to allow rays of evening sun light up nice and warm your meeting. The Chinese believe that this arrangement promotes fire zone of fire.
It is not necessary to build a fireplace or a barbecue near the house (for reasons of fire safety). The Chinese also do not recommend the place to build "fire" near water (pool, pond, river).
Most people agree that the garage should not be adjacent to the house (this is due to heat transfer in rooms), but reported to the house he has a comfortable wide track, which is better from top to protect the shelter from rain and snow.
Front of the garage should be a broad area. This allows convenient maneuvering on arrival in the garage, will provide an opportunity to place the machine without any problems of friends who come to your guests.

Barns best built, where they will be required (a small shed for garden tools will be most appropriate near the beds).
You should not build a storeroom at the end of the garden, as each time to go for a shovel, rake and shears at the end of the yard will be tiring.
To shed, attracted special attention and spoil the look of the site, near the wall can be planted vines, shrubs, build a mask.

Fence site
The fence section should not hinder the passage of positive energy, so the front of the house wall should be lower than the house.
It is not necessary to build a house close to the fence. In this case, you have to constantly observe the life of the neighbors, and they`ll look to your windows. In addition, there are provisions in the law that regulates the construction does not closer than 2 meters from the fence with neighbors.
Deaf high wall (oddly enough) will create additional wind load plants that will grow along a fence so the fence is better to make no more than 2 meters and with openings for passage of the wind.

If we talk about the science of feng shui in general, for our rights, many questions may seem very much in dispute. But, in many respects, a Chinese scientist is rational (quite understandable from the standpoint of logic) elements that must be considered.

If you are serious about the task of organizing the garden, it makes sense to first study all the advice given by experienced people think about all the details. Only with this approach can eventually get a beautiful, harmonious, secure garden, which will be nice to relax and work.
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