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Almost a third of his life we ​​are in a dream, and if we assume that the average life expectancy of 70 years, it turns out that we spend in bed 23, or 4 months a year. And so the bedroom is attached the utmost importance, because the energy of qi affects us whether we are awake or asleep.

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Bedroom - this is the most intimate room designed for relaxation, so its interior is to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere. Here, we restore their physical and mental energy, but here we usually make love and feel completely free from social conventions.

General recommendations

The most important thing in the bedroom - it's size. As a rule, in most cases it is not possible or desirable to carry out major repairs to structurally rebuild the bedroom and get the most favorable feng shui for her. However, much can be done beyond that.

Total furniture and bedroom colors should correspond to its size. In a small bedroom is better to use light air tone to create a sense of space and freedom, a spacious bedroom more suitable bright, saturated colors, they will give it a greater comfort. In any case, try to find a middle ground - that the optimum ratio, which will be combined with your taste and satisfy the demands of common sense.

Location of bedrooms

Location of bedrooms in the house affects the action of qi energy.

For a restful sleep and deep meditation is ideal north direction. However, it is unfavorable to those who suffer from loneliness, because it can increase the feeling of isolation from the outside world. Young and energetic people full of ambition, the northern route can be too relaxing. The North is associated with intimacy, so it's a good place for a bedroom partners, is actively engaged in sex.

North-east direction creates an active, motivating chi energy, which can be too harsh for the bedroom. It is not favorable for people with health problems or suffering from sleep disorders because it can aggravate the situation and even lead to nightmares. Children sleeping in the north-east, may have too much impact on the lives of their parents. They should also be avoided in a northwesterly direction for a dream, if their activity becomes too rough.

North-west - the direction of a classic for the bedroom and the parents of people who are firmly on his feet in his life.

Exciting and exhilarating energy of the East is perfect for young people who are just starting your career. It helps them realize their aspirations and broaden horizons.

Southeast favors those who are engaged in business or moving up the career ladder, but here the energy of a creative and balanced than in the east to facilitate constructive dialogue and cooperation with partners in the work.

If you aspire to a passionate relationship, you should organize your bedroom in the south, this area is especially active stimulation of the intimate life. But this is not the best place for sound sleep and relaxation. If the interior of the room is dominated by red color and symbolism associated with the elements of fire, it can lead to sleeplessness and nervous breakdowns, so you need to be careful.

If you are trying to strengthen the element of romance and fun in your life, put the bedroom in the western zone. But do not expect that this trend will boost your motivation, or contribute to your success in business.

South-west - not the best direction for most people, because the energy is quite unbalanced and cause anxiety and insecurity. This area is not suitable for children and young people. If your bedroom is located in the southwestern part, carefully review the plan of the room and stimulate the most favorable sites for you.

Yin and yang

Because the bedroom is a place to rest, there must prevail the beginning of Yin. Arrange the bedroom with soft tones, moderate lighting and rounded shapes. However, if you wake up in the bedroom so poorly rested and feel lethargic, or if your sex life needs more stimulation, it is worth thinking about how to shift the balance towards energy yang.


The main piece of furniture in the bedroom - a bed. There are several basic principles of feng shui, which must be considered, defining its position in the room. The main rule - the bed should not be located directly opposite the front door. This provision is associated with death, as in China have traditionally placed the corpse in such a way as to make it out of the room feet first.

The bed should be positioned so that you can see who enters the bedroom. You can put it to the side wall or at the diagonals, as shown in Fig. on the right. Shown here are two possible positions. If you are more comfortable with a diagonal position, as shown by solid lines, then place the foot of the bed in any subject. This should be done in order to divert the flow of energy flowing through the door above the bed, which can disturb your peace while you sleep. A small screen or a plant before bed will be sufficient to prevent this flow.

Feng Shui does not recommend the bed to put their feet or head to the window. If you sleep on the bed, two people, it is desirable that on three of its sides was enough space.

The form of the headboard can support your personal qualities and contribute to the success in life. Refer to the cycle of destruction, to avoid exposure to the elements that negatively affect your storage card.

Semi-circular or oval back (metal element) are good for business and government officials, square wooden backs of people favorable to blue-collar occupations, undulating backs (element water) are suitable for the representatives of creative professions, and triangular back (fire element) are suitable only for those who do not like plenty of sleep (left).

Choosing a bed, in the first place should strive for simplicity. Prefer beds, which seem to be more smooth, with rounded corners, which allow chi energy to move freely around the room.

Protruding beams above the bed create a persistent adverse effects that can lead not only to family quarrels, and even a divorce, and therefore urgent measures are needed. It is necessary to move the bed to another place or install a false ceiling. In the worst case at least, move the bed from the harmful energy source and hang on the beam at an angle of 45 degrees two bamboo flutes, tied with red ribbon.

The atmosphere in the bedroom should be quiet and peaceful. Do not abuse the mirrors, because they stimulate the flow of qi energy. Mirror is usually sufficient, standing on the dresser, which is located in a good location, for example, in the corner. This mirror will maintain a constant flow of energy. You can also hang a mirror on the wall. This will be enough. You can, if necessary use a mirror located on the inside of the cabinet doors.

Feng Shui considers unfavorable, if the mirror is located so that you can see yourself in bed.

Try not to clutter the room, furniture and arrange it, given the position of the bed. What would happen to be pieces of furniture in the room, be careful that the sharp corners have been sent to bed, creating a "hidden hand".

On the left you can see the version of the interior of a bedroom with a view of typical furniture and frequent planning. In this case, a bed and dressing table are located in two distant corners of the room. This solution has a practical meaning only if the bedroom is spacious and the Wardrobe can be placed in the third corner. The plant, located between the cabinet and the window serves as an "energy buffer" and improves the quality of qi.

In a small bedroom (right) are three major pieces of furniture: a bed, dressing table and wardrobe - up against the wall, which is also an acceptable solution. If you put on this room an octagon ba-gua, you can see that the bed is located in the zone of harmonious relations.

Bedside tables and cabinets

The bedroom should be as small as possible angles to the bed. Avoid angular tables and bedside tables, it is better to use a more flattened shape. Suitable, for example, square and rectangular tables, if the tree is rounded at the corners.

Bedside tables and cabinets should not be higher than the mattress, especially if they stand next to the bed, as it creates an artificial barrier to the energy of qi and prevents it from freely circulating over you while you sleep.

Dressing table

The mirror on the dressing table should be large, it will make the bedroom more spacious and brighter. Prefer smooth lines without delaying the movement of qi.

A table can be placed in any area that seems to be more dark and gloomy, for example, in a dimly lit corner. The mirror will reflect more light, creating a feeling of spaciousness and depth. In any case, the location of the dressing table depends on the plan of your bedroom and on your taste.

Child's Bedroom

The children in her bedroom, not only sleep, but also play, so the balance in the children's bedroom should be shifted to Yang. Child's bedroom should be made brighter and livelier than in adults - with music, pictures, posters and saturated colors. But still need to comply with the measure, so that children are not too excited to sleep.

If your child is doing the lessons in the bedroom, the most favorable place for the desk will be the northeast corner of the room.

Near the window, you can hang a small crystal that reflects light and stimulates the energy of qi. If the room has a globe or world map, put them in the north-eastern sector.

Because children do not usually inclined to the accuracy, watch "secret arrows" that can nullify all your efforts to create favorable feng shui in the nursery. Give your child plenty of free space, where he will be able to store clothes and toys: bookcases with lockable doors, cabinets with drawers, etc. Try to educate your child in the pursuit of cleanliness and neatness.
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