Farmers fear that the Ukrainian authorities to leave the peasants without land

28.07.2011 10:00
Articles about real estate | Farmers fear that the Ukrainian authorities to leave the peasants without land The draft land reform government is not looking for a comprehensive agriculture and converts the land into a commodity, and the proposed option for today, this reform is aimed at land dispossession of the peasants.

This was on Channel 5 said the honorary president of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners, chairman of agricultural service cooperatives of Ukraine Ivan Tomic, writes reporter.

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"For these dangerous bills are reviewed steps that none of the civilized world has not imposed - relationship to the land as a commodity. It is clear that the land market content should be directed to the stability and capacity of agricultural production, the stability in the development of our Ukrainian village , and the prospect of disclosure of capital building an extremely powerful black earth, the human potential, "- said the expert.

But he expressed regret that in this direction in the new draft regulations are introduced only to protect big business.

"Let's take a true government bill, which is devoted to two-thirds of the land consolidation, which clearly indicates a simple lack of rights of land share ownership by the various options for its land dispossession," - said Tomic.

He added that, according to the bill on the issue of auctions no effect, because it makes it impossible to become a professional player.

As previously reported, that the Government sent to the Rada a draft law on the land market.

The document is aimed at the completion of the market conditions for the involvement of agricultural land in the economic cycle, the organization of a transparent land market with the introduction of competition in their sale, to ensure completeness of income taxes and charges, particularly from land sales and rental rights to them, as well as state tax on transactions in the land market.

In addition, the document provides prevention of corruption by creating a clear and transparent procedures for preparing for sale and the sale of land lease rights for them at auction, sets uniform rules and restrictions on sales of land on the market.

However, the bill suggests that agricultural lands have the right to buy the Ukrainian citizens, farmers, the state represented by the central authority on land or territorial communities. The bill also prohibits the right to make land in registered capital. 
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