Ecology repair: how to survive in their own home

12.02.2011 09:02
Articles about real estate | Ecology repair: how to survive in their own home  Ecologically clean region remains one of the main factors when buying a home. However meaningless critically evaluate the freshness of the air and the degree of greening of streets, if the apartment is full of toxic substances.

A bit of chemistry

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Environmentalists argue that in a residential area can be 2-10 times more harmful chemicals than the outdoors. Their sources are used in the repair of construction materials, of which the most dangerous plastics. In the construction of the past are 150 items. They are widely used for waterproofing, sealing and thermal insulation of floors, windows and doors, walls, and in the manufacture of furniture from particle board, carpets containing chemical fibers and linoleum, various coatings, adhesives and fillers.

Many substances that produce construction materials, are highly toxic. For example, benzene, styrene, formaldehyde, etc. So it is better to refrain from buying products made of polystyrene and polystyrene foam - these easy to use for ceiling tiles and insulation materials.

Typically, buyers have fewer illusions about the paint and varnish products. Particularly toxic paints and varnishes, solvents, so it is better not to apply for interior decorating. When processing of parquet lacquers solvents are absorbed into the concrete basement floor and can evaporate within 4-6 months. In order to maximize protect yourself from the harmful effects of paints, it is better to give preference to alkyd, latex and water-based, and to cause the minimum number of layers. In this case, it is advisable not to stay in the room during the painting and not to forget about good ventilation apartment. Unfortunately, often limited ventilation hoods in the kitchen and bathroom, while the double glazing on windows, interior and exterior insulation impede airflow. Therefore, the air escaping from the city streets, it is important to protect yourself from stagnant air inside the room. This is especially true of apartments with a fresh renovation.

Look under your feet

Carpet and linoleum are the most popular floor coverings in urban apartments. But they can be sources of harmful substances. Especially in the case, if linoleum was pokleit using mastic with a solvent. Individual case - rubber linoleum, which, like rubber mats, has a high toxicity.

Of course, it is nice, coming home, to walk on the soft carpet or carpet. But we all know the smell that is present in the department of any store flooring materials for repairs. The whole point is that the coatings are often impregnated with toxic solutions (with flame retardants, antistatic), which may not only be harmful to residents, but also cause an acute chemical poisoning. Therefore, the choice of coverage should be guided by the sharpness of its smell - the smell is softer, the better the chance to purchase the minimum toxic carpet.

A good option is the flooring, carved from natural wood. He faithfully serve their masters more than twenty years, and for updating it enough to remove him from the upper layer (preferably, no more frequently than every 8 - 10 years). Relatively recently emerged parquet with an antibacterial coating, which consists of silver ions. Such a floor will not only harmless but helpful - especially in children's rooms.

At the same time, we should pay special attention to the chemical processing of parquet. Several layers of lacquer thinner, or impregnation pinoteksom (contrary to popular opinion about the ecology of this material, it is quite toxic) will make the flooring in the same (if not more!) Harmful as synthetic floor coverings.

Many of the problems of modern living - and not just environmental - can solve the cork floor. Tube, so popular today in interior design, made from the bark of the cork oak. Owing to its porous structure and the elastic on it does not leave marks on the furniture. Tube pleasantly springy underfoot, which significantly reduces the load on the spine of walking on her person. In addition, cork flooring does not collect dust, which makes it an excellent choice for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Also of note is a good sound insulation properties. However, this perfect, at first glance, the material has its disadvantages. First, the tube is afraid of water, losing their shape under high humidity. Secondly, it is quite expensive, the price of which ($ 15 - 50 per 1 m2) can exceed the price of the rare parquet wood.

In these four walls

In order not to surround yourself with the sources of harmful substances, it is desirable to abandon suspended ceilings, wall panels and films with a synthetic surface - self-adhesive, vinyl or PVC. Especially if the cause of renovation has been anticipated addition to the family. For walls and ceilings is better to use thick paper wallpapers and regularly change them: the worn wallpaper, into the air the minute paper dust, which is a potent allergen.

If the environmental point of view to consider the window, particularly dangerous are the window frames and sealing. PVC double glazing because used in their production technologies will release hazardous substances during the entire period of operation. Therefore, the best material for window frames is wood. In addition, wood, resistant to high temperature - unlike PVC, which eventually turn yellow from the heat of the batteries. Thus, the wooden frame with triple glazing and sealing gaskets - a completely acceptable alternative to plastic windows. Only need to choose the right sealer. It is necessary to immediately renounce the use of foams containing the foaming agent. It is better to give preference to such materials, such as Cellulose fiber (wool from waste paper, impregnated with flame retardant).

Tree - the best option for the door, especially when it comes to single piece of solid wood. The wooden doors are highly durable and frost, although their quality of soundproof sometimes leave much to be desired. At the same time, the wooden door to render, and varnishing.

Good from an environmental point of view of the decision - the door of an alloy of aluminum, magnesium and silicon, which differ both lightness and strength. They do not contain heavy metals and do not emit harmful substances. With regard to the doors of steel, they are stronger than aluminum. However, they are more prone to corrosion, protection against which they are again - still covered by varnishes and paints.

Rules of Survival

Of course, care about environmentally friendly housing is better even before the purchased materials and make repairs. When choosing materials, do not hesitate to ask the seller in detail and, if necessary, ask for a certificate of quality. Unfortunately, many certificates have not Count on environmental safety. Nevertheless, this document can be quite informative.

If you buy things needed to repair the master is engaged, one that I might stipulate with requirements for construction and finishing materials requirements. It should be emphasized that the most important for you not saving and ecology. And, of course, if you use purchased materials is extremely important to follow instructions. For example, if the material is designed for outdoor use, it absolutely can not be used indoors.

If "bad" repair is already done, and redo it as soon as it is not possible, you need to follow a few simple rules. First of all, should be regularly aired. Frequent and, if planning permits through-ventilation to protect from harmful substances are better than chemical disinfectants. Note that the effect of air pollution control filters designed to remove the air of dust mites and other small particles, but to cope with chemical fumes, they can not do. Therefore, even the most powerful filter, which works indoors, does not replace the open window.

Another way to improve the environment of housing - decorate it with live plants. Best to cope with large-particle filter plants, if they provided good care, and their leaves are regularly cleaned from dust. The third rule - gradually, to the extent possible, all the same to replace highly toxic materials are environmentally friendly. And if the carpeting, wallpaper or furniture store pungent smell for a long time, their replacement should be produced as soon as possible. As already mentioned, the sharp smell indicates the evaporation of harmful substances, which not only negatively affect the well-being, but can cause various chronic diseases.
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