Earth is «transparent», but ... unavailable

18.05.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Earth is «transparent», but ... unavailable For the second consecutive year in Khmelnytsky land is indeed "transparent." Even before the law was established order mandatory tenders and auctions during the transfer of urban land rent, the mayor Sergey Melnik and his team decided to make this process fair and open.

In the last year spent nearly a half dozen such tenders and auctions, which is leased more than fifty sites. Income from the municipal budget for the lease, which paid for the winners of the auction, was more than seven million hryvnia. A similar article appeared in the city budget for the first time.

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As far as the land became available for hmelnitchan and how they evaluate the government's actions with respect to democratization and openness of land processes? Answers to these questions are looking for experts of the regional public association "Podolia first. They interviewed two hundred individuals and entities participating in tenders and auctions, and received land in the lease. Two years ago only a third of them have ventured to apply to the city authorities with requests for land, in the past year, his luck has already attempted 77 percent of the respondents. Only one respondent stated that demanded a bribe from him for participating in the auction. About seven percent noticed: they were refusal to accept applications for participation in the contest. However, the majority argued that no additional documents, except as provided by law, the authority is not required to participate in the competition to all. Yes, and the average score of the contest on a scale exceeding four.

However, the resulting estimates of the survey were mixed. With all the new half of the contestants believe that the procedure for land allocation in the regional center as a whole remained unchanged or became worse. Such results are leaders of the city Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Resources Vladimir Shvets explains that power operates transparently and honestly.

- In my opinion, the new regulations do not like those who have previously tackled issues relating to land in other ways, in closed rooms, and - he says. - Now take the land for lease only on a private basis is impossible, one must go through public auction or tender. This causes dissatisfaction with individual dealers.

City authorities do not hide: the openness of the tenders and auctions did land more affordable for ordinary hmelnitchan. Small and medium businesses can not compete with powerful investors in the rent. So that the right to be equal to the tenderer does not mean financial equality between the contestants.
In addition, the dream of home on their own land for thousands of hmelnitchan may well remain elusive. In the queue for individual building plots for more than seven thousand people. Those who are not in the list, but wants to have the land - even more. Realistically, given the limits of the city, the authority can provide ten times less. Becomes apparent: the land - a luxury for the rich. Therefore, despite the democratization of land relations, the chance to become landowners in hmelnitchan less.

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