Due to the construction of real estate crisis in Ukraine reduced

03.03.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | Due to the construction of real estate crisis in Ukraine reduced The real estate market in Ukraine in the last few years has shown dynamic growth, but recent events in mind, the process may stop. Construction of the state program in the country would be cut one of the first shared his thoughts Sales Manager LCD "Park Stone" Dmitry Shostya .

Today is not enough money to pay pensions and scholarships , so the expert predicts , the state temporarily leave the industry without government , without which the growth of the construction sector will slow down. In particular Dmitry Shostya said: " The primary task of the National Bank and the financial unit of government will restore lending to the economy .

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The rapid depreciation of the mortgage - as through targeted state aid , and due to low-cost refinancing of banks - can not count. The only factor that will allow the primary residential property market a little bit to move forward will be pent-up demand for the purchase of flats, which was formed over a period of political crisis in the country . "

At the same time, the expert is convinced that today in Ukraine in the primary real estate market situation is not critical . Most developers feel confident , and the debt burden is minimal . Therefore, in this situation , the expert advises his colleagues to tighten their belts and rely only on their own strength .
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