Developers only interested in long-term construction in the center of Kiev

21.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | Developers only interested in long-term construction in the center of Kiev Protracted in the capital and in areas close to the center may be interested developers, after the stabilization of the situation in the country. This opinion was voiced by the architect Anna Iskierdo. According to her, with the technological side , the future may be for the objects on which construction work completed by more than 80 %, and " age " is not more than two years and long-term construction , also potentially be the future washes and facilities built no more than 50 %, and " age " more than two years .

"If we talk about objects that are almost completed , the high stage of construction and only a few years of downtime allows them to complete the construction of a low cost . In turn , the second category mentioned above protracted , is interesting because such objects can be demolished and in their place we can construct a new object. Complete construction of unfinished low under construction , the frame is subjected to several years negative influence of environment - it makes no sense , it's easier to tear down and build a new one , "- says the architect .

According to her , the high cost of land and its deficiency in the central areas will cause paying attention to "promising " protracted , ie those that are economically beneficial to finish building . " To start the real action in relation to protracted necessary and legislative solution to this problem .

To do this, the developer must understand exactly what mechanism to transfer its ownership of the object , the terms of the completion of the construction . You must also determine how to formalize relations with investors who bought apartments in the unfinished building .

After last purchase housing at prices current several years ago, " - she says. As for the "frozen" objects in the sleeping areas , the chances of their completion in the next 10 years is practically nil . Earlier it was reported that protracted must finish building authorities .
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