Developer: should I change it?

30.03.2011 00:04
Articles about real estate | Developer: should I change it? New happen, shall not in time. More specifically, a rare new facility is completed today in the claimed time, late in the primary market has become very commonplace thing. In most cases, buyers are perfectly aware of everything, putting up with delays and waiting patiently. But, it happens, start to act - and in extreme cases require a developer to change.

Stages of fermentation

Construction - in general it is not too fast. Assessment of Mary Litinetskoy, CEO MIEL Development ", the average duration of erection of panel buildings from the beginning of preparatory work before settling up a half years. In monolithic buildings (this technology is basically designed for a long time) the period of construction even longer - 2-2,5 years.

Assert that up to some certain point buyers suffer, and then immediately begin to complain, it would be wrong. Much depends on psychology, that is reasonable, in fact, irrational. "Questions and negative reactions from co-investors begin regardless of the construction phase - if people see (or it seems) that the work stopped - says George Mirzoyants, deputy director of the Moscow real estate agency." - Heard about the long-term construction, people can begin to exercise "vigilance" even at the stage of excavation.

The process usually begins with the fact that customers are continually turning to the office of the developer with the same questions: why the process has stalled, when will all be completed. Naturally, buyers get to know each other, discuss their problems. Of those nominated themselves activists, there are various action groups. Appeals to the developer are written individually and collectively. Begin to be drawn up claims to the court (fortunately, the current building legislation, especially the famous 214-FZ, give many reasons for this). Go with this agency. And the last stage - to which, thank God, comes not so often - an open confrontation with all around the world: mass protests, blocking roads and so on.

Change it is possible, yes it worth it?

Buyers often blame only the builder, and a human being can understand them. This company collected the money and promised to build an apartment to a certain date, like it definitely is the cause of troubles. Developer reasonably objected: he works in a vacuum, there are external circumstances, often Delays are in the nature of force majeure. "In the construction process has always involved the administration, and often cause delays are unsigned officials documents - said G. Mirzoyants. - The government also often added to already agreed additional burdens: to pave the road to replace the communication, to build a new social institution. And all this - the extra costs that hinder the work. " If the rejection of the buyers of its developer has become very large, the latter can be changed. Legislatively, this question is almost not regulated, but it is clear that an organized group is powerful enough leverage on the power, and who and where to build, solve ultimately local authorities. So take away land from the developer of this is quite possible. However, it should be clearly understood that in the process hurt all parties. And buyers of apartments as well.

The main problem - money. Funds that were paid by customers will likely not come back - they have already been displayed in the offshore or are aimed at plugging budget holes in other objects. The house will be completed the new developer? Of course, not free. The authorities certainly help "rescuers" that hang on him a smaller variety of social obligations, but to all interest holders were promised an apartment, it is not enough. So one way out: of the victims created HOA, to which must provide the funding of the object, simply put, to collect from their members of new money. On this basis, by the way, there are often various squabbles: some buyers pay agree, others refuse. It turns out that the first finish building a house for all they require from the second to bear the costs, they respond that they have no money ...

Trojan horses

Developers, faced in its own facilities with the activities of powerful action teams, often accused by activists is that they are guided not care about the needs of customers, but simply lobbying for business interests of other construction firms. "Often in such groups are people who do not have to share participant irrelevant and pursue their self-interest - say on the subject G. Mirzoyants. - Listening to all parties, interest holders is important to understand what problem it solves: Get his apartment at the right time, or fight for someone's outside interests. "

Of course, such accusations often arise during the conflict and not always fair. But here are a couple interesting examples. A developer had built the house in Balashikha, and near the site someone posted a billboard with the company logo and the text "We will deprive your children's kindergarten." Among other things, such action requires considerable funds - they are unlikely to have private individuals. In another case, on behalf of the builder on the Internet was created a fake website that reported incorrect facts about the progress and financial status of the organization, all of which are allegedly on behalf of the Director General (the name used by the present director, picture, too).

Breathe deeply and slowly

This simple technique books on psychology are advised to use when you're excited, and the decision to adopt important. So do in such cases. Of course, sometimes a change of developer is required - if you work at the site completely stopped, and the company is preparing for bankruptcy. But if the developer just late, but it continues to operate, but still showing a willingness to cooperate with customers, it is wiser to wait. From too sudden movements just will not be anyone better.

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