Demand for cottages fell to a minimum

17.09.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | Demand for cottages fell to a minimum Live in a furnished private cottage - green, quiet, comfortable. Great country houses now cheaper - even around the capital sellers are willing to trade more. CFO of a major IT company chose Tatyana Markova house in the cottage , as sure : " The child needs fresh air and a place for fun, which is not in a city apartment . Choosing a house, we basically refused proposals where the cottage is fenced off from the world -foot fence . " According to her , the family chose a cottage with " malozabornoy " system , where the neighbors can see each other and can in principle communicate with each other . Now this is a new trend in the suburban housing market .

"Cottages are now opting for a very capricious . Most customers now want some openness and community among the villagers. At the same time, those who are ready to buy a palace , completely shielded from prying eyes , can still be found , "- says " Money " realtor Igor Kutinov . He believes that the cottages are now interested only in those who already have a good accommodation in the city. This rule . In addition, the main buyers of homes are wealthy people , but not millionaires . Last often prefer to build a " nest" for themselves, rather than buying rastirazhirovanny house project . But middle managers recently " fallen out of love " at home in a cottage village . According to sellers of property , not people with the highest incomes now prefer housing in the city, to be able to devote more time to his career, and not spend it on care of the house and providing a comfortable living for his family town .

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the floor

Alas , the demand for homes is now down to a minimum. "If people are hesitant to buy and afford a vacation home , they would rather buy a mansion in the village than a cottage in the village organized . Very undermined the credibility of cottage townships project " Olympic Park ", which became the " Elita- Center" in this segment of the real estate "- says " money " marketing director SV Development Vladimir Stepenko . He predicted that the strong demand for homes in the near future in Ukraine will not . " Fashion for the holiday will not resume for at least two years " - says Mr. Stepenko . By the way , according to market analysts , unfinished and unsold homes near Kiev now several thousand - they have in each of the suburban areas .

As for prices , the last three or four years the price of homes crept down . " The slowest cheaper expensive projects . For example, if the house was sold for $ 3 million , now it will be sold for $ 2.5 million at the same time , if the cottage before the crisis cost 300 thousand dollars, now the price has dropped by half - to 150 thousand dollars ", - assessing the situation , Mr. Kutinov .

However, the first half of the 2013th can be considered successful for cottage real estate market . According to the portal, for the first six months in the Kiev region price of homes in the towns even increased slightly ( by 1.89 % , or $ 19 - Ed.) And averaged 1024 doll/m2 .

While sellers are willing to make serious buyers are real - in the process of bargaining the price can be reduced by 20-30%. In the well-appointed cottage in the near vicinity of the capital meter price may well reach doll/m2 1500-2000 .

Small and expensive

Fatigue and frustration could be heard in his voice most sellers of houses in the villages of Kiev and region , which communicated "Money ." Impression that many are pessimistic regarding the activity of buyers . This is not surprising : the price of houses with a total meterage cottage about 200 m. m and 10-12 acres of land is estimated to average from 300 to 450 thousand dollars Typical modern cottage in the suburbs of the capital - is the organized construction of 50-60 houses and a couple of dozen tanhauzov , surrounded by a fence and guarded day and night perimeter.

Creating internal infrastructure of the town, most developers do not forget to build a tennis court, a football pitch and a spa with gym, sauna and massage treatments. But supermarket , medical center, school and kindergarten tenants cottage towns basically have to look behind the fence .

On building materials developers are now trying not to save . At least they say about it . "Our homes are fully prepared for finishing : no heating, air conditioning, under floor heating, central vacuum, roughing and finishing screed , wood energy efficient windows . On the site - well-kept lawn , auto - watering, wiring lighting , paths and fencing "- touts its object Marina , the seller of homes in the cottage" Solar Valley ".

However, realtors are advised to carefully check the developers said . Dared to buy a cottage they recommend to hire the superintendent , who can check the veracity of the seller. Otherwise, then there will be hell to pay . " I had a case when they said that the house is supplied with water from the 70- meter well . It turned out that in fact it was the depth of 15-20 meters. With the help of a specialist found out that on the day there turned out not more than 30-35 liters of water and more water had accumulated another day "- says Igor Kutinov . Cost of services such specialist - expert can be from 300 to 1000 dollars.

A couple of years ago, sellers of homes categorically refused to discuss the size of possible discounts with a potential buyer on the phone. Now in the fifth minute conversation, they promise to easily reduce the price of housing construction by 3-5%. Can be more, but this is a personal meeting with the owner of the cottage town and after viewing the object.

There are unique approaches to discounts . For example, house number 40 in the town of "Clear Dawns " is looking for his master for the fifth year . Immediately after construction there was done a simple cosmetic repairs. Now the developer is ready to reduce its price in the spending bill to update the repair. "Now announced figure of 300 thousand U.S. We understand that when a person will be occupied , he wants to repair his house was fresh . Do you think it as you need money , and we do offer , and we're on the amount cut the price "- promises Alexander , dealer home in the cottage" Clear dawns . "

Almost all developers are willing to provide to the buyer free installments subject to a minimum down payment of 30-50 %. Most often it is about 12 months, if the house is bought at the construction stage , and 6 months - for facilities commissioned . Although there are exceptions . "We provide free installments from the builder to 3 years ", - said Yuri , sales manager of the cottage " Our mistechko ."

Almost no demand

" Best budget option in our cottage - this townhouse . His total yardage - 165 m. m and 2.5 sq.m. of land . Worth 180 thousand dollars in the complex We projected a total of 12 townhouses . Two of them have not sold , "- says " money " Dmitry , the seller of homes in the cottage" Vіshneve Mistechko . "

Analysts said the suburban real estate market , while townhouses do not really taken root in Ukraine. They build , but few buyers .

" They have always been ( in Ukraine - Ed.) Low demand , because when a person wants to buy a vacation home, he wants to have a separate section , with no contiguity ", - says Vladimir Stepenko .

Attract buyers townhouses developers succeed, if offered at home and small squares , respectively , with low price. Cost per square meter townhouse is usually lower than in the cottages . For example , the meter in the cottage " Severynivka " doll/m2 worth about 1450 , and in this town - 1174 doll/m2 .
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