Cottages near Moscow fell to the list of deficit

22.06.2011 11:00
Articles about real estate | Cottages near Moscow fell to the list of deficit The heat in Moscow and last year's fires in the suburbs of the capital forced the inhabitants to attend to serious summer rent suburban real estate.

This year's spring demand for rent was never as great. However, most want to be able to find even now a warm place, because today a lot of suggestions. It is true that the most attractive cottages demolished in the early season, as most landlords suburban real estate deals in 5-6 months once. A classic year lease period country house - this is 3-4 months, so if the tenant is interested to rent a summer residence for a shorter period, we must remember that in this case, the cost will be much higher because the owner tries to recapture nedvizhki time "idle" at home without tenants.

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Incidentally, in March, offers the country real estate for rent was a lot more than willing to remove it. And thanks to the tenants to seriously negotiate on price. But in mid-spring, the situation has changed - in April are the best objects in the blink of an eye away from the market. Moreover, in search of options want to remove the cottage called active even in old ads, which confirms a serious buzz in this market segment.


Now let's talk about prices. The third part of the proposals on the country market rent does not exceed the price of 30 thousand rubles a month, but demand for such objects in the real estate agencies, very little. Renters who plan to rent a summer residence from 20 to 40 thousand rubles a month, do not go to realtors and looking for options directly in order to save on agency percentage.

But among those who are looking for options through the large real estate agency, this year the maximum interest cost of ownership enjoyed countryside from 30 to 90 thousand rubles.


Great importance for the country homes of tenants is the availability of trees on the site, including conifers and fruit, the proximity of forests and lakes, as well as playgrounds, shops, health. In addition, tenants who rent the house for a long time, go no further than 30 kilometers from Moscow, but for those who takes a summer residence for a month, the distance from Moscow is not principled.


Objects of the suburban real estate can be divided into four classes.

The first class - this at home "mini-economy." These proposals fall in the price of 25 rubles per month. For this price you can rent a typical summer cottage - hollow, solid lumber, or in suburban partnerships, with a plot of six acres, where all amenities are located in the courtyard.

If the area with sauna, and they brought water, giving herself just outside Moscow, there is a guard and a store not far from the partnership is a railway station, the price will be closer to the upper boundary.

Another cheaper option - is to remove half of a house in the village with the hosts.

Classic Economy

The second class suburban areas - is a "classical economy." These villas are 25 to 60 thousand rubles per month. This house is hardly in the cottage. However, the area of ​​the house can go up to 100-150 square meters, in contrast to the "mini-economy ', where the average house size is not more than 40-60 square meters. In addition, in classical economics, there is always heating, plumbing, at least, toilets, and closer to the upper limit value - and sewage.

Business Class

The third class - this country real estate "business class". The cost of these homes ranges from 60 to 150 rubles a month. These homes are located in protected cottage village with all the utilities: there are hot and cold water, heating and sewage systems. These proposals are distinguished by good location, well maintained, beautiful and large portions, high-quality interior house, nice modern furniture, the availability of home appliances and air conditioners. That is available must be all the usual attributes of a business class.

Luxurious houses category

Fourth, an elite class - this offer is more expensive 150 thousand rubles per month. This includes the home area of ​​400 square meters, in addition there are real palaces with elegant aristocratic interior. These homes are always in a cottage village and always at the prestigious areas of Moscow region - west, northwest and southwest.

Price and direction

So it has historically, that in the suburban market of Moscow region, there are directions as leaders, which is an active cottage and country house construction, and the direction of outsider, which are many houses and villages, sarayushek, where even there is no mains gas.

High demand, as well as in urban real estate, of course enjoys the west, southwest and northwest directions, but the east and south-east almost no demand. This trend only intensified because of last year's fires, which were just in these areas because of the marshy terrain and large amounts of silt deposits.

The most popular destinations for rent town houses for the summer are Novorizhskoe, Kiev and Dmitrovskoe. Then there are Simferopol, Warsaw and Kashirskoye, and least of all employers are interested in giving to Gorky, Yegoryevsk, and Shelkovsky Nosovihinskom highway. And an important role here plays the eternal traffic jams and problems with movement.


Interest Muscovites to rent a country house outside Moscow in the summer has increased significantly, which contributed to the spring washout from the market the most attractive offers. However, the proposal still exceeds demand, and in the first half of June the owners have even begun to reduce the rent due to the risk of downtime. Therefore, even at a leisurely tenants still have a chance to find a cottage in the countryside - away from the bustle of the city and melting asphalt. True, it is not too cheap and not so interesting as it could be.
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