Cottage settlements Yekaterinburg began to compete for having the best infrastructure

02.06.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Cottage settlements Yekaterinburg began to compete for having the best infrastructure In Yekaterinburg, has formed a large pent-up demand for real estate in the country, recognized by local developers and analysts. However, the transaction is not enough, despite the large volume of supply (now in the vicinity of the city, there are about 150 organized cottage, which is 4 times more than 5 years ago).
The main obstacle to massive purchases is often poor infrastructure of many communities, does not meet the high demands of most customers. However, some developers of Yekaterinburg in the struggle to save the client has stopped and began to invest in landscaping, creating spaces for leisure, convenience store, medical center and more. And although it is believed that investment in infrastructure the village should be 5-10% of the total project cost, single Ural developers are already moving beyond the specified threshold.
Among the leaders in Yekaterinburg by the presence of high-quality infrastructure - suburban residential complexes "Dubrava" and "Karaseozersky-2." By the number of families residing these objects are among the most popular in the Urals. "At present, the LCD" Karaseozersky-2 "(Novo-Moscow highway) live 130 families - said the director of sales and sales of" ComStrin "Irina Ignatieff. According to her, in addition to a well-maintained complex features a protected area of ​​the presence of playgrounds and sports facilities. In addition, the facility now being built community center, which will include a fitness center with a swimming pool of 25 meters, supermarket, bar, restaurant, games area, as well as a kindergarten for 130 places, a high school and a hotel with 35 rooms.
By the level of infrastructure and is not inferior to LCD "Dubrava" (Beloyarsky area p.V.Dubrovo), which is now 50 families live permanently. As the general director of "SCI-BUILD" Dmitry Gusev, in addition to a landscaped area and playground on the premises there is a pond with swans, an art gallery, an Orthodox church, a restaurant, tennis court, etc.

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If the above mentioned town complexes are left to create infrastructural facilities, individual objects Yekaterinburg skillfully use the existing nearby residential environment. Thus, residents of KP "Golden Carp" and "White Dew" (Polevskoi tract) can enjoy a rich infrastructure villages Mountain Shield and Kurganovo. As the developer of objects, president of operation "MAN" Nicholas Savin, this clinic, pharmacy, food and industrial shops, schools and kindergartens, church and yoga center and a sports complex of international class "Kurganovo."

A similar path develops and cottage settlement "Zavidovo" (located between Uralmash and Upper Pyshma). Just a few months here have bought up all the 25 houses of the first stage. And already lined up buyers for houses and townhouses second phase, which is scheduled for commissioning in September 2013 as the head of the sales object Yesenia Bochkareva, one of the reasons for its success - the proximity to the city and to all the necessary social infrastructure. However, well-maintained public areas, and a children's playgrounds developer provided in the township.

It is the competent organization of the living space will encourage buyers to purchase homes in the country, developers are confident. However, while in Yekaterinburg quality infrastructure can boast only a few villages.
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