Cottage construction: clearing the market and a new level

23.11.2010 13:39
Articles about real estate | Cottage construction: clearing the market and a new level It is no secret that the crisis of the hardest hit by the construction industry, and within it, to suburban real estate. Originally positioned as a second home, due to the crisis it has ceased to be relevant in the earlier volumes, and many builders have suffered losses.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and any crisis - a kind of test for developers, which leaves the market's most persistent, the fittest and most successful.

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Today, the demand for suburban housing is fully adequate to the situation in the country, but because potential buyers with an excess supply may submit their requirements to developers. And it is a normal market situation, because the sellers should not dictate their terms to buyers, as before, and vice versa.

That dictates the consumer is the engine of progress in any industry, but because it's safe to say that the scope of cottage construction out of the crisis to date, with a clear understanding of customer needs, more efficient and professional.

Even today, after a certain time, we can say that the market of cottage building has changed and become a full-fledged, universal features. He gets rid of excess and finds he needs the property in any condition to be attractive to the consumer.

More specifically, the tastes and demands of customers today are very different from those that were two years ago. Most important for the customer today is the price, location and landscape characteristics of the town, such as the presence of forest or pond, security, customer service and, of course, the maximum readiness at home. The latter condition has become mandatory for those developers who are eager to sell their houses. Because today nobody wants to invest in the project in a beautiful picture. Everybody wants to come see the finished house and, if possible, faster than it settled.

In this regard, many developers will break. Not having sufficient funds for initial construction and relying on private investors, today they are on the verge of bankruptcy. And break the vicious circle of today is impossible. Money "under the project" no one will give them, but without money they can not finish the houses and sell them.

Thus, in the near future, the market should expect a sharp increase in land supply. Developers will try to at least partially recover the money by selling their waste land.

The market will remain a small number of developers who optimize their projects and will finish them, will continue to become an engine of the scope of cottage construction in Ukraine.

In general, the situation in cottage construction is becoming more civilized - life itself is dictating its terms. Cottages and plots become smaller and the price is reduced accordingly households. Residential real estate becomes more affordable for the middle class. After some time, much of it as in the West, will live in the cottage "economy class".

And that's fine. Everyone has to rely on their income levels and to adequately assess the possibilities. And the crisis in this case, sobered not just developers, but also buyers who are now very balanced approach to the acquisition of suburban housing.

Nevertheless, demand for luxury housing remains, and in this segment that would benefit from developers who offer the most ready and high-quality housing with a maximum of flexible payment terms. Realizing this, the company is "Golden Gate" has accelerated the construction of the cottage towns "Alpiyka" and "Konyk and today houses the readiness of over 90%. Moreover, given the new demands of customers, we are ready for sale at home 100% ready, fully furnished and equipped with the latest technology.

Thus, we expect before entering the industry from the crisis completely finish building all the houses in the towns, which were put into operation, and implement them.
Anna Lukyanov, Sedina Corporation "Golden Gate", Head of Sales

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