Country houses are interesting to the buyer at the ready stage.

07.09.2010 11:04
Articles about real estate | Construction of cottage settlement in a new Picture: Construction of cottage settlement in a newDespite the downturn in the Ukrainian economy and falling demand for new buildings, continues to develop suburban real estate. According to experts, suburban real estate premium is not subject to depreciation. New country houses are more interesting for the buyer at the stage of maximum readiness. The most advantageous acquisition - this property has built 2008-2009.
When buying a home ownership should take into account such factors affecting value: location (scenic, remoteness from the city, the quality of road surface), the quality and construction technology; stage of the project, demand and the number of homes sold on the site. It is also very important status of the builder, who builds real estate, it will serve in the future, a guarantee on the work and he operates the facility, availability of social and commercial infrastructure in the immediate vicinity.
Typically, the first Ukrainian villages houses are built, and social infrastructure is postponed for "later", while the world the first thing considered is the construction of infrastructure facilities. Besides the construction process is organized so that residents completed houses are forced to live in a building site, and this noise, dust, debris and other inconveniences. With regard to architectural decisions, there is a complete stylistic differences of opinion - from the Gothic medieval castles to the pretentious houses with towers and columns. An important issue - an awkward layout of the irrational use of footage. Another weak spot - a large distance from the city center. Maybe that's why many citizens are in no hurry to change their apartments to suburban housing ...
Right to build a new cottage community "Victoria Gardens" is going to "Globe International Holding". A proper construction, according to CEO "Globe Ukraine Ltd" Vladimir Butenko, - it is primarily infrastructure.

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Near the village of Jubilee on 46 acres will accommodate from 300 to 450 homes. Successfully been built on the principles of "first communication, and then the building of" settlements in Nigeria, though not as extensive. "Victorian Garden" - the first such project in Ukraine, but not the last.
According to Vladimir Butenko, "now started the construction of fences of the village, broken roads, supply of communications, the breakdown of the park area of 5 hectares with landscape design, construction of sports complex with swimming pool."
The choice of location for the village affected for several reasons. Among them - excellent ecological condition and distance from the Donetsk highway. In the center of the village will be a zone of recreation: park, shopping mall and club. And of course kindergarten. But the school children of the future tenants will go to town on the shuttle buses provided by on accomplishment. No need to wait for the city electricians, plumbers. Its service centers will be placed directly in the village.
Zest cottage - the source of spring water found during construction of the prospector.
According Dnepropetrovsk specialists, it will be correct cottage village, with full set of infrastructure, a single architectural solution, the western approach to the organization of living space and construction in general.
One of the levers of social homogeneity "Victorian Garden" will be the price - from approximately fifteen hundred dollars per square meter. Do not unimportant fact that each customer receives guarantees the return of all the input amount in the event of non-developers of their obligations. For lending company "Globe Ukraine Ltd", according to its CEO, plans to raise its own funds. "For us this approach - a tradition!" - Says Vladimir Butenko.
It is pleasant to note that the materials and designs will be Dnipropetrovs'k. Our city based and general contractor - the company Rubicon Trading. As a result of two years of work on the project has already created about thirty variants layout of the village. "Anyone can make sure that does not buy a pig in a poke" - joked Vladimir Butenko. Company "Globe Ukraine Ltd" innovative approaches not only to the layout of the village, but also to the use of internal space of a house. Only 10% are corridors and other nonresidential facilities. In short all the functionality and simplicity.
Viktor Kovalenko

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