Construction of affordable housing was included in 10 national projects in Ukraine

26.08.2010 10:29
Articles about real estate | Construction of affordable housing was included in 10 national projects in Ukraine The construction of marine terminal for receiving liquefied natural gas (LPG) with capacity of 10 billion cubic meters. m per year, the construction of solar and wind power capacity of 2 GW, as well as the creation of national information and communication network based on 4G technology were among the 10 national projects in Ukraine.

At the second meeting of the committee of economic reforms led by the president in Kiev on Wednesday, the head of the working group on national projects Kaskiv said that a dozen well - affordable housing cost 3-4 thousand UAH square. m, the formation of a strategic plan for urban development programs for solid waste and drinking water.

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The list of national projects also includes a program 'Olympic hopes in 2022, a high-speed communications between Kiev and airport "Borispol", the development of navigation, new quality maternal and child health and providing students with electronic books (Pocketbook) instead of textbooks.

According to V. Kaskiva, four years of these projects is expected to gross domestic product of Ukraine on 4,7%. "The main strategy - not the use of budgetary funds, but also attract investment. Over 80% of funds raised by the implementation of national projects will be the investment "- he stressed.

V. Kaskiv noted that each of the specific national projects is realistic, most of them will be implemented by a new model of public-private partnership. Receipt of the first investment is expected next year.

Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko said that as part of the construction project in Ukraine LPG-terminal end of the year will be completed by the selection of developers and the proposed corporate model of the project that the load on the state budget was not available. According to him, a new source of imported natural gas will be cheaper than existing today, the only source - the Russian gas: at current prices - $ 190 versus $ 250 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m


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