Common mistakes when buying a suburban real estate

04.01.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Common mistakes when buying a suburban real estate The number of people who want to get away from the bustle and enjoy the peace and quiet, is increasing day by day. Therefore, transactions for buying suburban real estate more. But at the same time increases the number of cases of fraud. How not to be trapped in the transaction ?

Try to find answers to these questions .

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Document document strife

The most common mistake buyers documents relating to the ownership of land and the house . Clients often negligent when it comes to verification of ownership seller of land and housing . Whether the owner of property issued at the time the documents and whether they registered . These two points are always at any osbtoyatelstvah , potential buyers of suburban housing , required to check . Because it will protect them against fraud and unnecessary costs , not only material . At the conclusion of the transaction should not ignore the fact that the land owned by the seller not the right of property , and he received this land as a gift (ie, the owner has the right of lifetime inheritable donation ) . In this case , the new owner of the land in consequence they can not freely rasproryazhatsya , for example, to sell . Besides himself a contract of sale the property can not be registered.

It happens that the suburban real estate can only be purchased through the registration of the contract of purchase and sale of land uchatska on which the house is located . But it turns out that the house itself is not issued and is not registered. So it turns out that it is simply unauthorized construction , and register it in the new host will not work.

Common type of fraud in transactions can be called suburban nedvizhimotyu sale sites and holiday homes on a fake power of attorney. First of all , buying suburban property by proxy , you must verify its authenticity by a notary. As it is necessary to find out whether there is a real principal . Need to find it, contact them to find out why he gave power of attorney and, in general , whether it has issued .

Check the availability of documents

Even if the host country real estate or a good friend recommended by friends or relatives , do not look for honesty, you should always check the availability of all documents on the house and land .

Necessarily at the conclusion of the sales transaction suburban real estate dealer must submit the following set of documents:

- Documents of title to the house. This certificate of state registration of ownership of the house and the act of acceptance committee , about what to put into operation at the end of construction, if the house was built by the misuse of the host property. Or documents confirming ownership of the seller, which he received on other grounds ( the contract of sale, donation , exchange, certificate of inheritance + certificate of state registration of rights );

- Technical passport ownership - is a single document. It includes: plot plan , explication area of ​​land , buildings and facilities description , purpose, and value of the technical condition of buildings and structures .

Document issued by BTI location and real estate must have appropriate print BTI ;

- Technical passport of the building ( structure ) with floor plans for each building located on the site ;

- Extract from the house register . If the house is suitable for permanent residence ( permanent ) , you must have a statement from the house register of registered persons in a given area . Even if the buyer does not intend to register in the acquiree indoors statement will show whether he is buying property with the encumbrance in the form of a family of several people ;

- Documents of title to land, proving ownership of the site. At this point the potential buyer should pay special attention . The land on which the house must be the seller not only well-formed , but also need to stay in the property. It is necessary to identify the right property, and not the right of permanent (perpetual) use or lifetime inheritable possession seller on said portion . This requires such documents as : certificate of state registration of property rights , contract of sale (gift certificate of inheritance ) . And documents obtained as a result of privatization of land : the head of administration decisions on granting of land in ownership , proof of ownership of land .
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