Club Village FreeSki: Baikonur for millionaires

28.10.2010 07:45
Articles about real estate | Club Village FreeSki: Baikonur for millionaires In 2010, the elite suburban real estate market of Moscow region will be a new object - the club settlement FreeSki. Sales have not yet underway, but M2 has learned the details of this unique in terms of architecture and design concept. Club FreeSki village located 24 km from Moscow to Kaluga highway near the village of Red Pakhra. The total area of the village - 4 ha. On the territory is under construction 12 houses of two types: two-level cottage with total area of 505 square meters. m and a three-level cottage with total area of 665 square meters. m

Now completed laying all communications, but sales are not conducted in the village: the solution developer - open sale after completion of the settlement in 2010 to show to buyers with no construction equipment and razvorochennoy territory, and finished a beautiful home.

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Each household includes two-car garage with second floor, intended for accommodation staff. The area of land - 20 acres, with the possibility of increasing the area through the adjacent forest.

For a comfortable communicating residents in the village provides for the construction of public buildings, which will be hosted sport bar. On the territory of a forest surrounded by club-built village FreeSki rofessionalnaya cross country trails. The total length of the route is about 3 km, width - up to 6 m. In its construction was used by the main advantage of location - elevation changes up to 25 m, due to what distance is composed of six or more descents and ascents of up to 500 m.

In the cottage provides all the communications, is planned to organize a centralized clock monitoring of engineering equipment in homes. To ensure the protection provided for the checkpoint at the entrance to the village. At the exit to the river and the forest guard stations will be organized. Perimeter will be carried out round the clock video surveillance.

The cost of houses will be announced before the start of sales. The project developer - a company Amdex Group.

"We do not plan to change the concept and lower klassnost FreeSki, - said deputy general director Sergei Bozrikov Amdex Group. - The strategy we have well thought out, stay the path is not in our principles. This club settlement only 12 houses. When we asked why we buy land, we joked: "Under the spaceport." Each household is actually obtained as a large comfortable space ship. We spent a lot of time on design. As a result, the house turned out conceptual, eco-friendly, bright and yet comfortable and cozy, they are well blended into the landscape. "

"Sales are now closed, so we decided not to sell the building site, and ready for home ownership, - he continues. - Most likely, we will open sales to the end of autumn - early winter, as expected a lot of sporting events. The fact that one of the highlights FreeSki a trail for cross country skiing, which is located in the vicinity of the village. The route passes through the forest, has a length of about 3 km, very good terrain and elevation changes of up to 40 m. We have already conducted a children's competition on cross-country skiing, and this year we plan to repeat them, but at a higher level. Attention to the village quite a lot, so we do not doubt that each house will find its buyer.
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