Capital tenants move to the suburbs

18.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | Capital tenants move to the suburbs Realtors say potential tenants - it's mostly students or "loner" who need a small flat space for little money.
Most tenants are willing to pay from 4 to 6000 hryvnia per month.

But in the capital of a suitable living space is small, so it became more popular accommodation around the city - nearby towns.

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Developers realized this and , more affordable property offers it appears in the suburbs . And still " budget " accommodation sorely lacking. 20 new proposals in the day there is a turn of 500 potential tenants.

However, customers are not satisfied with the work and brokers. Like, realtors need to work very high percentage - up to 50 % of the monthly payment. Furthermore agree to find living space only after the formation of the contract .

But realtors are justified , to find a suitable offer was now very difficult. Owners have become much pickier . Do not want to settle youth and " single ."

A contract on the search has to conclude , because brokers on their own experience to understand that it makes no sense to spend time searching for an apartment for a client who turned parallel to another 10 real estate agencies .

And the contract - it is a guarantee that none of the parties will remain " mad ." Broker agrees to find suitable housing in the deadline , and the client will reward him for his work.
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