Can I take credit for the purchase of land?

04.11.2010 09:24
Articles about real estate | Can I take credit for the purchase of land? How to make a purchase of land? And can it take to buy the land a bank loan?

Before buying a plot to carry out its audit, in which, at least, it turns out, not "impose" a plot on nearby allotments. Also is examined land use documentation. "The seller must act on the ground, a certificate of expert evaluation of the site, a certificate of absence (presence) of buildings. In rayupravleniya zemresursov must take a certificate certifying that the site is not in the mortgage and can be freely sold, as well as a certificate of normative monetary Assessment of land. If the seller is married, a notarized consent of the spouse to sell, "- says the head of the Land Union Andriy Koshil.

The average duration of the procedure of registration of sale of the plot is about six months. But if the right approach to "assessing the efforts of" land clerks can cope for a week. Surveyors estimated the total costs of the seller may be 3 - 5 thousand hryvnia for small areas, covering 10 - 20 ares. Up to 3% of the area should be deferred to the taxes and fees. The registration procedure, including issuing a new instrument, "unofficially" could cost the buyer depending on the region of 200 to 4000 UAH.
Loans to purchase land banks now do not give out. But if the buyer has another property (apartment, house), we can arrange a loan against it and buy with the money part. Give out these loans for a term of years up to 10 - 15 years at 20 - 25% annually in local currency. The maximum amount that can be counted, equivalent to 50 - 60% of the appraised value of collateral.
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