Feng Shui for Real Estate: beliefs and superstitions associated with the purchase of property

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Articles about real estate | Beliefs and superstitions associated with the purchase of property Many buyers and sellers of real estate, even modern educated people, guided by superstition. It is believed that certain rituals and signs help to bring good luck, while others repel it. Passion for numerology
The most common among buyers of superstition connected with the numbers . Some number considered lucky , while others - bringing bad luck.

Joe says Eccles , director of the London real estate agency Sourcing Property: « We had a client who did not want to buy a property with a certain number of door - to the extent that she did not want to even look housing with the wrong number, even if it is perfectly suited for the other parameters . Eventually we reached a compromise : the tenants of flats in Mayfair , where she bought an apartment , allowed her to remove the door number and mailbox in the lobby . "

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After much deliberation , he opted for the number 34. In sum, triple and quadruple gave the same Seven . This gave the number 34 the likeness of the heavenly genealogy, like the Greek heroes , trace their ancestry to the gods.

In the U.S., the builders of apartment buildings often " miss" the 13th floor , that is after the 12th floor immediately follows the 14th . Apartment on the 13th floor sold worse , and new buildings are bought later than others .

According to the site CityRealty, Manhattan and Brooklyn, less than 5% of high-rise condominiums are " unlucky " floor . But in a skyscraper One57 builders decided to leave the floor at number 13 , as it planned commercial premises and residential floors will be located above.

"If there is at least 1 % of the risk that someone does not like the 13th floor , then why create it ? You can simply replace the number . In addition, it will create the impression that the building above, which is especially important for New York . You like to get an extra floor , "- said Kevin Maloney , head of New York-based construction firm Property Markets Group.

Fear of the number 13 is reflected even in American films . For example , the action film " 1408" is set in the fictional New York hotel "Dolphin", where there is no 13th floor , but on the 14th number is 1408 , which is equal to the sum of the digits 13. In this issue occur and mystical events of the film .

" We have many clients who do not wish to exchange contracts or terminate the deal on Friday, the 13th - because of superstition ," - says Joe Eccles .

Availability sixes in an address also repels some potential buyers , as in Christianity 666 is considered the " number of the beast ." People are afraid of not only housing with three-digit number : frightens them , for example, if the first and the house and the floor and the apartment have the number 6.

Residents of China dislike number "four" because its pronunciation in Chinese consonant with the word "death." In the summer of 2013 a New Zealand couple bought a house in the Auckland suburb of 40 000 dollars cheaper than the original price. Housing sold at a deep discount because the Chinese, whom many New Zealand market , fearing the 44th House .

"Asian , particularly Chinese , buyers superstitious in all that relates to numbers. Most of them did not gain anything with the numbers 4 , 17, 19 and 53. However, residential numbered 1, 2 , 6, 8 and 68 are considered to be happy, there is a demand , "- says Camilla Dell , managing director of Black Brick.

Happiest Chinese consider the number " eight ": in their language it is consonant with the word "prosperity" . "The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture , and we often see it in the contracts. For example, a property worth 595 million pounds was eventually sold for 588 888 888 "- says Ben Everest, partner of The Lighting Design Group.

In Las Vegas , where a lot of casino gambling often buy real estate people who are particularly prone to pay attention to the " magic number ." In this city the greatest success enjoyed by houses and apartments , whose numbers contain the number " seven ."

Filipinos pay attention to the date of the transaction . To ensure success, the date shall consist of digits , which when writing hand movement ends at the top , not the bottom - for example, 0 , 5, and 8.

Some prefer to only even or only odd numbers . " The couple, who recently moved into our complex in Kent, acquired at different times of more than 20 houses. According to them , they live well only in those mansions that have even numbers , "- says Julia Price , Director of Sales and Marketing at Pentland Homes.

Traditional and non-traditional teaching religion
Christians believe that in real estate transactions helps St. Joseph . In the U.S., many buried in your garden or in a flower pot statue of the saint in the hope that it will help faster and more profitable to sell the house. So come even some real estate agents . Talk about when housing did not find a buyer for a long time , then someone burying a statue of St. Joseph, and then " miraculously " came an offer to purchase .

Orthodox Jews , it is important that the house was equipped with a special lift. The fact is that on Shabbat ( the Sabbath ) is prohibited not only work , but also push the buttons of technical devices , including elevators . Therefore, in Israel the houses are built with elevators that automatically stop on Saturdays and open the doors on each floor.

Many Chinese people are guided by Feng Shui expert advice when buying property . " Historically, the Feng Shui plays an important role for Chinese buyers. They prefer property near the water , as it is considered that the dwelling reservoirs create positive energy , a sense of harmony and comfort , "- said Richard Barber, partner of W. A. Ellis.

Indians rely on prescription Vastu Shastra - the traditional Hindu system of planning and interior design , which in ancient times was used in temple architecture , and now increasingly used in the construction of residential buildings .

" Vastu Shastra is extremely important for our Indian customers. Most objects in London did not comply with the principles of the doctrine that makes finding suitable housing is almost impossible. Many Indians prefer to buy off-plan, so that they can decide how to arrange the room and in the direction of what part of the world will see out the windows , "- says Camilla Dell .

Some buying property pay attention to the astrological factors . For example, retrograde ( backward ) motion of Mercury is considered to be a bad time for contracting and negotiation .

Homes with "bad energy"
Some buyers are invited to view the property clergy to make sure that the house is free from evil spirits. A separate agents themselves fumigate spices properties for sale, to " clean energy."

There was a case when a couple from Thailand led by viewing homes in California Buddhist monk . He dissuaded them from buying in Santa Monica mansion worth 1.3 million because , in his opinion , in the tree growing in the garden, wound up an evil spirit . A similar case occurred in Arizona when the newly minted owners invited Indian shaman to exorcise evil spirits from the house .

I must say that this apartment - № 50 - has long been enjoyed if not bad, then, in any case , the strange reputation.
Mikhail Bulgakov . The Master and Margarita

The Chinese believe that any obstacle in front of house blocks positive chi energy , so do not buy housing , next to which , for example, the tree grows . They are also undesirable buildings located at the T -junction .

In Hong Kong, offers discounts of 10 to 40% of houses and apartments , which became a place of tragic accidents. Many refuse to buy real estate category " Hongji " (as designated premises where there was a violent death ) . The site real estate agency Squarefoot given an entire page advertisement for sale or rent " Hongji ." Among the ads there are stories that can compete with Hollywood thrillers stories : "Quarter Tunmen building Handsome Court. A woman aged 58 jumped out the window because of the unbearable pain . " Or this : "10 quarter , Tin Lok House. Woman hanged herself in her room . "

In Croatia, 10 years already sold the island Dax. Now it is offering up to 2 million euros , while the original price was three times higher . There are no buyers , because for more than 60 years ago there was a mass murder : after World War II 48 people suspected in connection with the Nazis , were killed without trial and were not buried properly.
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