Banks are willing to issue mortgages, but this would take every

10.12.2010 19:12
Articles about real estate | Banks are willing to issue mortgages, but this would take every Over the past two weeks we have been approached by several banks offering loans to buyers of our facilities. Conditions are extremely harsh, but the trend is obvious: the banks are looking for customers for mortgages. This was told to journalists the head of government SBI "New Formation" Vyacheslav Kredisov, wrote LIGABusinessInform.

According to him, banks are willing to mortgage lending to households. In this Kredisov described the conditions under which citizens can get a mortgage:

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1. In the real estate collateral is needed, which is not subject to mortgage.

2. Confirmed by a legal source of income

3. The minimum payment must be at least 30% of the purchase price

4. Interest rates of 18% in USD. or 14% in dollars.

"It's very tough conditions, but the fact is that banks are willing to lend and are ready to bargain," - says the developer.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isaenko said: "Today we lend people on the program" Affordable Housing "with a credit rate of 16% annually in local currency. Each month, the population returns to the bank about 2 billion USD. Deposits.

It is clear that banks have enough credit, but even with the program "Affordable Housing", where 30% given by the state, all the rest Oschadbank requires "hard" security. "This means that a person who is in the queue for housing, should give a pledge additional property.

"The National Bank issued a number of internal instructions that do not allow to ease conditions," - said Isayenko.

The deputy minister also said that at this moment negotiations with the leadership Oschadbank in facilitating mortgage lending waiting for the purchase of apartments in specific sites.

"This is due to the fact that even 70% of the purchase price (30% compensates for the state) people are hard to find" - says the official.
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