Astrological forecast for 2011 for all zodiac signs.

18.12.2010 09:22
Articles about real estate | Astrological forecast for 2011 for all zodiac signs. That promise us the stars next year

Forecast is designed for typical representatives of their zodiac sign, as an approximation to a professional forecast, made in view of the place and exact time of birth. Atypical representatives of signs - is born on the border signs and those with a personal card manifest signs, other than the sign of the month of birth.

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21.03 - 20.04

In 2011, not fate dictates Aries, and Aries - Destiny. Year will be what Aries want and not be afraid to do it. Operate openly and boldly go forward, paying no attention to criticism. Year comes to beginnings: as in the cases, and in his personal life. You should also pay more attention to his state of health and to monitor their health conditions.

21.04 - 21.05

In 2011, Taurus must learn to care, patience and skill to keep the pause. The first impression, and if turns out to be true, but only in general terms. They will have enough time to solve any problems, but attention - less than desirable. Earnings rise, but the children are forced to worry, but only if the Taurus will not know what was happening.

22.05 - 21.06

In 2011, the Twins should not make plans: things do not go to him, but maybe even better. They learn what no idea try something that is not resolved. Possible relocation, extended business trip or repairs. Time to get rid of bad habits and boring ties. But the circle of communication can greatly extend the Twins.

22.06 - 22.07

In 2011, the crawfish themselves surprised by their dedication. You need them they will do with record speed. Year promises to advance the career ladder, the correct choice of future career or a successful placement. They can significantly improve your fitness. In the journey is better to go to the company: and more fun, and will rely on anyone.

23.07 - 23.08

2011 for the Lions will be the year prospects. In the privacy of the relationship will become more clear and definite. Not be ruled out that less time will be spend with friends, but more - with the family. In the material realm should not strive for consistency: what is considered temporary, will be more suitable.

24.08 - 23.09

2011 for Dev will be hectic year, and then the year of dramatic changes. Have to make decisions on the fly and knowingly take risks. Getting involved in something, have to go through. Do not risk their own means, leave the "emergency supply". In the privacy of the year promises to bursts of passion and promise dating.

24.09 - 23.10

In 2011, Libra will not go away: they will be in the thick of things. Social role may become more important: another post or a new family situation. Listen to public opinion, the criticism - to know how to enter and remain in the win. In the intrigue did not participate, especially based on rumors and unverified facts.

24.10 - 22.11

To 2011 was a success, Scorpios have to be disciplined, persistent and consistent. Do not put off their plans indefinitely, immediately set to work. Discard the action at random. The deciding factor will be the year does not own desires Scorpion, and circumstances - for them and need to adapt.

23.11 - 21.12

2011 will be the year for Sagittarius luck and luck. Need not take much effort, just ideas, talents and ability to engage in several directions simultaneously. Balancing, they will be able to find unexpected solutions. Lonely Sagittarius this year necessarily fall in love, and family can rely on the completion of the family.

22.12 - 20.01

In 2011, Capricorns will strengthen the position, find people and business, to which can rely on. Year suitable to understand myself and life priorities. They will be able to monitor what is happening around them. But to give advice better be careful and less. Issues related to real estate this year, "budge" or even solved completely.

21.01 - 20.02

Aquarius in 2011, is accelerated. Quick response, the ability to use the time information appears, willingness to meet - all this will help prove "a horse" in every situation. Major difficulties are foreseen: should carefully think things through, and it turns out that the problem can be solved much easier, and indeed, all is not so scary.

21.02 - 20.03

2011 for Pisces - a year of stability, everything falls into place. On many eyes will be opened, they become big realists have a positive impact on the financial sector, and in personal life can lead to unexpected changes. At first it might upset, but eventually Pisces becomes clear that they deserve more.

Forecast for the Zodiac prepared LA Ovcharenko, astrologer, astrological Ukrainian Institute P. Globa
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