As the crisis has affected real estate and what to expect buyers?

09.11.2010 11:50
Articles about real estate | As the crisis has affected real estate and what to expect buyers? Portal met with Alexander Rusakov, president of Parabola Group, and spoke on the topic of elite suburban real estate. What is the concept of art in relation to the cottage communities? How did the crisis in the premium and what changes await shoppers in this market segment?

- How many do you currently projects in the pipeline, and at what stage is each one?

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- At present, our company implements three projects. This Lukomorie "," Emerald City "and" farm near Izvara. Lukomorie "in the final stages," Emerald City "under active construction," a farm near Izvara "at an early stage. Another three projects we plan to launch in the spring and see how the market will meet them. All of them worked as art-towns and will belong to the elite and business class.

- And how did the idea to create such a conceptual villages?

- To make every project a success, it must be some kind of sparkle that will attract potential buyers. Hard to come up with something new, so we turned to the eternal values - art and culture. Thus was born the concept of art-towns. We decided to unite people and make them talk to the neighbors knew each other well, were in friendly relations. This requires a general idea, which would have all been able to rally. For example, in "Lukomorie created an art club in which poets speak, exhibited paintings.

We select the legend and reflect it in the name of the project, and then begin to develop. Lukomorie "- a tale of Pushkin. Create some kind of special atmosphere, and be even a hint of designated topic: sculpture in the form of characters, children's playgrounds, signs, fences.

"Emerald City" is familiar to every childhood through the story of Oz and the wizard Goodwin. This track from the yellow brick road, a stylized playground. We're trying to play with this theme.

"Farm near Izvara" - refers to Gogol, Roerich, and anything that might be associated with them.

- How many houses are already inhabited in the lines mean?

- The village is fully built, and represents 102 homes, of which today, 65 are inhabited, while the rest are in the process of finishing. I think by next summer is already a big part of the Lukomorya "will be populated. Sales remained only 7-8 houses.

- Quite a limited number of people willing to live in an art-towns. What do you think, does not end there sooner or later the buyers?

- Our exurbia - premium products, and their art concept - it's just a nice bonus. Indeed, apart from a comfortable suburban residence, we give people a certain atmosphere of life, social environment. In "Lukomorie it - reserve forest, children's playground with figures from Pushkin's works. In the farm near Izvara "-wooden house hand-chopping, fence, fences, studded with pots, a well-crane with the purest spring water. The basic idea of settlements unobtrusive. Nobody makes walking in special suits and hats, no tension or pressure. Art concept is not essential to the purchase.

All our future projects will be developed within the framework of the art concepts. We will look for ideas, try to embody and promote. This is our chips!

- Can we already say that the crisis has passed and the market recovers? Returns whether the demand?

- Rather, we are realists are inclined to be pessimistic. We believe that the situation is still not aligned, we hope that it will not deteriorate. So to improve while not particularly look forward to. Therefore, their new projects in no rush to market, as it could afford to do before. Now each object are preparing more thoroughly.

- The crisis of the least demand for housing falls elite class. Will the crisis on the pace of sales, demand and prices for your projects?

- Very much! The current financial and economic situation has had an impact on demand, prices, expectations and perspectives. We had to cut the appetites, and all clearly weighed. Perhaps there are positive aspects to the crisis, as companies have realized the mistakes that had devalued and overlooked.

Demand has fallen significantly. When someone talks about percentages, it is not true. Demand has fallen in times: on different segments of up to 10 times. This is a disaster.

If we talk about 2009, we have suffered absolutely all the segments, and most of all - the projects are in the initial stage of construction. But the village "Lukomorie survived last year without much loss.

There is an economic crisis and a crisis of confidence, when all cease to trust each other. Everyone thinks: if bad at me, others at least not any better and probably worse. Therefore, we have ceased to perform any obligation or debt with deferred payment. Everything used to work or for real money or give a discount, but as soon as possible to receive consideration. In the present circumstances, these options are far more acceptable than the appointment of maximum prices for long-term installments. So now, almost nobody works. Generally, the full year 2009 was marked by mistrust.

I can not say that the market was completely calm. Sales were, but very little. They can be safely described as episodic rather than systematic. It was impossible to tie them to some kind of weather or other conditions that make an analogy: Why buy today, but yesterday there. Obscure such purchases. And it applied again to all segments.

But in 2010 we are pleased. He revived interest in and to the villages that we have just presented, and those that are in the final stages. To "Lukomorie demand was even in 2009, and now he just grows. We expect the 2011 and 2012 finally implement this project.

- What is the situation with the prices?

- The ruble prices remained at pre-crisis level. During 2009 the decline was a maximum of 10-15%. But the dollar or euro is significantly cheaper - on average by 25-30%.

- It time to buy a suburban property, in your opinion?

- If a reasonable approach to buying, then yes. Buy housing now, even beneficial, because we can all safely weigh, calculate the necessary information and the maximum discount. That is, there is time to prepare a deal: legally, practically and technically. In the rush for it is almost impossible, because no one wants to wait, and they all want to sell.

- How long the deal is brewing in the market objects premium?
- From months to years.

- And how long on average realized this village?

- In contrast to urban, suburban real estate, unfortunately, is virtually impossible to predict, but those predictions that make analysts almost never come true. Therefore, if we look at 3 years, then in the head immediately hold 5 years.

In addition, different sizes of projects: some 20 houses, but somewhere 150. And it is clear that the timing of implementation are different.

- Were there and are there as part of the Lukomorya "," Emerald City "," Farms near Izvara "investment purchase? Realized there a secondary sales?

- Lukomorie "refers to the premium segment, where hard as something to play prices. As for our new projects of business class, here there are buyers who use the moment: buying real estate right now, at an early stage in order to sell it a bit closer to the end of the construction of the village.

For example, buyers put their finances in the Bowery, near Izvara "counting on future growth value. This is reasonable! We really declare minimum prices, which then will steadily grow up to some of its levels. Again, it's hard to predict, but nevertheless these investments are quite reliable.

In times of crisis, of course, such investment purchases were much smaller. Now trust only those developers who are more or less maintained their positions and continue to build on.

- It's no secret that the most popular items in economy class, they quickly realized, less costly. Do you have any desire to run in this more affordable segment, any project?

- In principle we do not go in economy class. Do not consider it and will not consider, because we do not understand this part of the market. In the struggle for builders to sacrifice the quality of prices, and even the "victim" - it too mildly. It there is simply no!

- In general, what plans the company? Do you plan to go to the suburbs?

- We always make offers to co-investors of various country projects. We consider Russia and abroad, in particular Moscow and Sochi. Choose, to communicate. As for suburbs, then to enter the market place if not in 2011 then in 2012 for sure. Sochi on I can voice the same time - 2012.

In 2011, we are still going to focus on their projects that already exist, and the three future that are currently being prepared.

- There is an opinion that people who take themselves a home of class de luxe, do not tend to live in one cottage. What they find it difficult to please, putting them in one place and offering roughly the same at home with a single concept. Is this true? How do you assess the preferences of potential buyers in this sense?

- We are all humans and we have the same psychology. And wealthy people are no different. Today's millionaires - yesterday's men, who have successfully developed their business. People want security. When you reach a certain level, is already beginning to think not about the further enrichment, and about a certain stability. In urban apartments is impossible to achieve absolute security. And in the village from this point of view, very comfortable: the fence, watchtowers, guards and dogs. Personally, I feel much safer here.

Most homes are in principle not very different among themselves: they all consist of walls and roofs. There are some really unique objects, conceptual. Many people say that we, for example, like the intricate architecture of Gaudi. We have built many houses, the order of 350-400. Believe me, when it comes to housing for themselves, people choose the traditional form, rather than something unusual.

- What are the requirements in the life of art-village? If the owner of a cottage in Lukomorie "a desire to finish building on the lot is something far removed from the general style of the village, is it possible? Do I have to agree?

- We have on this position of principle: all the buildings should be coordinated. If the settlement was originally created conceptual, this point is very important. What distinguishes a single housing estate on the site under construction? When the plots are sold with a free plan - it is rather a territorial entity. After the project the village should have a single idea, which is projected to absolutely every detail: the roads, driveways, fences, roofs, light ... the House should overlap each other. We insist on this.

In the new projects we build is divided into the queue. Some of them are reserved for independent developers. Even there any project approved, so you do not impress the neighbors. This is one of the differences between the elite and business accommodation from economy class, which exists on the principle: build what you want.

- Question about the area: your projects are located in Vsevolozhsk and Lomonosov areas. As we know, the south is largely behind the northern areas of preparedness of land and infrastructure level. Do you feel a clear difference in the construction process?

- Difficulties are the same everywhere, and some common problems in the south do not like from the perspective of the developer, and from the point of view, the end customer. Of course, the resort area is much more interesting than all the rest. It was originally formed as a place to rest. This is evidenced by even its name. But this implies, and all the problems. He is so popular that prices overheated, and the roads clogged. That is to relax - the perfect place, but to purchase a property for permanent residence - not much. Lows balance available pluses.

Of course, it is hard to recreate somewhere somewhere the same rich infrastructure, both in the resort area. In the south it is not there. Vsevolozhsk far from Sestroretsk, but it has its advantages - lakes, rivers, roads, communications, proximity to the city.

Now such a collapse is observed on the road ... 50 miles to the south of the equivalent of 10 km to the north. Therefore, from an economic perspective and reason, of course, that plus the southern direction is much greater.

My choice - Vsevolozhsk. From the "Emerald City" to the metro stations "Dybenko" and "Prospect Bolsheviks" - about 12 minutes, until TC "Mega" - 7 minutes.

- At the same time, suburban housing, many elite level is primarily associated with the resort area. Was not whether you have the desire to implement the project in this direction?

- In our view the settlement - is not less than 50 houses. In the resort area there are no such sites or, more precisely: they are simply gone. A build 2.3 houses interest to us. Therefore, if we talk about the medium term, the resort area we are not going to go.

- What is your forecast on the development of suburban real estate market in the second half of 2010?

- Developers are usually in such cases we say that the market will grow and develop. But honestly, I'm sure 70% of that to develop it until it is, and will remain at current levels. Not be worse, but the best hope yet.

- Thanks for the interview!

Author: Natalia Taran
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