Areas of Kiev under the signs of the zodiac

Areas of Kiev under the signs of the zodiac Kiev under the stars live. The capital is divided into 12 zodiacal zones, and each district - a sign, and character.
In cities, it turns out, too, there lichnae astrologicheskae card.
The latest version of the map of Kiev - and they were somewhat different and - belongs to the astrologer Andrew Amendment. His colleague, the head of the center "Altair" Kiev astrological schools Victor Basile told the Gazette ... "about it, and most importantly - which of us is a district" to the person.

- Kiev - who is he sign?
- Kiev, Yalta and how proper Lviv are under the sign of Leo. Look at least as Kyiv woman dressed in everyday life - as if on holiday or a garden party dinner!

- And from what you came from, they divided the city for the 12 signs of the zodiac?
- Some astrologers are based on the principle of so-called shell - from the geographical center of the circle, in the prescribed manner, is as signs of the zodiac. But in my experience - this map does not work. As a base map Popravko taken the principle of similarity: what area corresponds to one or the other sign was determined by the already established territory. Since all obey the laws of space and did not arise by accident - neither the street nor the company nor the parks - particularly those or other places of Kiev coincide with the main characteristics of zodiac signs. For example, Independence by chance came a magnificent, pompous and even coarse. This is typical of the quality of the Lion.

- And what a sign - which district "to a person"?
- First of all, we must clearly define the relationship between the characters themselves. His zodiac sign do you think of it first and start the countdown: the second to the first, third to the first, fourth ... So, the second to the first - you - this is a sign, which can be nurtured. For example, if you're Aquarius - hence, the second from you will fish. Astrologers call this a second home. Therefore, in the second house - in the area of fish, Aquarius live and work is very useful. You can find assistants to gain strength. Third house - the third to the first - a sign of friendly, brotherly, neighborly relations.

- Well, where does the city?
- If you talk about astrokartu Kiev, for example, in the "third house" is selected library, bought books and meet with friends. In short, this place is information - information there will be useful to humans. Fourth House "- a connection with roots. In the fourth, I would say, it is useful to meditate, go to a shrink. This is something that affects your sources: parents, inner peace, mental health.

The most enjoyable character - this is the fifth. Location enjoy, visiting clubs, restaurants, rest. However, it is a sign of love and creativity. Place the first date. Gaming site - may podfartit in the casino.

- Bad signs exist at all?
- Here is the sixth house in relation to your sign - not quite good.

- I - fish, my sixth "home" ... Leo? The city itself?
- It turns out so. This is a place of disease, subjugation. Not mean that the city should go to the middle of nowhere, just Kiev gives you a lot of trouble ... And then, the seventh sign - this partnership. Eighth - transformation, death. Unfavorable, to some extent - a dangerous place. Ninth - a sign of dreams, long-term perspective, the potential opportunities of higher education. By the way, if a country the ninth in relation to your sign - there is meaning to take off at least for education or job search.

Tenth just right for those who build a career. In the eleventh sign of the friends, they love us. Unlike other four, which we love.

- And finally, the twelfth?
- The mystery, pain, depression, isolation, jail. In general, neskladuha complete. I would not advise fanatet from astrological chart. After all, millions of people in the world, and only 12 characters. But consider, where to work, live, walk, learn - very useful. Besides, is now becoming clear - why in some places we are so good or how bad horror ... By the way, the principle of an astrological chart applies to the apartment: for instance, kitchen and bathroom - this is cancer. Toilet - scorpion. Bedroom - scales or lion, depending on what you do there. Children, too, under the sign of a lion. Cabinet - Capricorn. Hallway - Aries. Room - a lion.

- It turns out that the city can also be a horoscope?
- Yes, but do not know his exact birth date.
Make a prediction can be on the map of the territory of Ukraine - her date of birth is known to us, and the sign - Virgo. I must confess that Ukraine would have been a man - I would say that it is not very good. We would not hurt to be born anew, a new constitution, responsible approach to the choice of the date of the inauguration of the President, to have a new starting point. Under the sign of the Virgin and the Ukrainian hryvnia - very dependent on trivial factors. The girl, they say, "tsnotlyva. Her map shows this fall it will be a fever.

- Knowing your date of birth, can be predicted and the date of death: town, hryvnia, man?

- Can. But the main thing to remember about ethics, they say the date of death - is not accepted. Yes, and do not need.

Aries: Solomensky area. Since Aries tends to all the military, to Solomyanka Ministry of Defense, a number of military educational institutions. And Zhulyany - sign loves speed.

Taurus: Shevchenko (from the Botanical Garden), Victory Avenue, Pushkin Park, Zoo, Park Nyvky ". This former Radyanskoy and Zhovtnevy areas. Astrological Taurus tends to material things - markets, shopping centers. And the circus - he as a lion, loves fun.

Gemini: Golosiivskiy coincides with the area. Railroad: Avenue of Science, Academician Glushkov and Zabolotnogo. Vernadsky Library, bus station and bus station. To mark harakternay love for science and nature.

Cancer: Obolon Rybalskyi Peninsula. Water sign - and lakes, and comfort.

Leo: beyond the former Starokyivska passes through: Vladimirskaya Gorka - the Mariinsky Palace - Central Stadium - University - Lviv area - Andrew's Descent. To him applies Trukhanov island. This is a place of concerts, festivals.

Virgo: Podolsk district along the street Konstantinovskaya, Novokonstantinovskaya Frunze Vyshgorodsky through Kurenevka, Priorka, Wind Mountain, the vineyard (the grapes on astrology - a virgin), Riverport, Kontraktovaya and Postal Square Zhytny market and Petrovka. Differences - pedantry and diligence.

Libra: Brovarskiy Avenue and along the Green Line subway. Forest, Bykivnia, Old Darnica and the island Dolobetsky. Rainbow, Voskresenka and birch - are not included. This is the area of fertility, reassurance and education.

Scorpio: streets, Artem Melnikov Shchusev Stetsenko - are sufficiently serious industrial enterprises. That is, here the focus of skilled and intellectual forces. Cemetery, Lukyanovskaya prison, Babin Yar, flooding Kurenevka in 1961 - because it is also a sign of suffering, tragedies.

Stelets: from Hydropark and through Bereznyaki to the Kharkov array in the direction of the airport "Borispol". This is a sign of communication with other countries, an area with great potential.

Capricorn: all Pechersk - on Bankova Street. The metropolitan highway - in the direction Kozina and Training Center. Strict, sullen region - but honorable and prestigious.

Aquarius: Park of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow bridge, rainbow array Voskresenka and Troyeshchyna. Neighborhood different novelty and vastness, by the way, close to Russia.

Pisces: Borschagovka, Svyatoshyn, Belleci and Pusha-Vodice - a lot of water, as well as the fish symbol of the Spirit, not by chance occurrence of such names as here Svyatoshyn - from the word holy.

Eugene Danilenko newspaper in Kiev
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