Areas of Kiev under the signs of the zodiac

Articles about real estate | Areas of Kiev under the signs of the zodiac Kiev under the stars live. The capital is divided into 12 zodiacal zones, and each district - a sign, and character.
In cities, it turns out, too, there lichnae astrologicheskae card.
The latest version of the map of Kiev - and they were somewhat different and - belongs to the astrologer Andrew Amendment. His colleague, the head of the center "Altair" Kiev astrological schools Victor Basile told the Gazette ... "about it, and most importantly - which of us is a district" to the person.

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- Kiev - who is he sign?
- Kiev, Yalta and how proper Lviv are under the sign of Leo. Look at least as Kyiv woman dressed in everyday life - as if on holiday or a garden party dinner!

- And from what you came from, they divided the city for the 12 signs of the zodiac?
- Some astrologers are based on the principle of so-called shell - from the geographical center of the circle, in the prescribed manner, is as signs of the zodiac. But in my experience - this map does not work. As a base map Popravko taken the principle of similarity: what area corresponds to one or the other sign was determined by the already established territory. Since all obey the laws of space and did not arise by accident - neither the street nor the company nor the parks - particularly those or other places of Kiev coincide with the main characteristics of zodiac signs. For example, Independence by chance came a magnificent, pompous and even coarse. This is typical of the quality of the Lion.

- And what a sign - which district "to a person"?
- First of all, we must clearly define the relationship between the characters themselves. His zodiac sign do you think of it first and start the countdown: the second to the first, third to the first, fourth ... So, the second to the first - you - this is a sign, which can be nurtured. For example, if you're Aquarius - hence, the second from you will fish. Astrologers call this a second home. Therefore, in the second house - in the area of fish, Aquarius live and work is very useful. You can find assistants to gain strength. Third house - the third to the first - a sign of friendly, brotherly, neighborly relations.

- Well, where does the city?
- If you talk about astrokartu Kiev, for example, in the "third house" is selected library, bought books and meet with friends. In short, this place is information - information there will be useful to humans. Fourth House "- a connection with roots. In the fourth, I would say, it is useful to meditate, go to a shrink. This is something that affects your sources: parents, inner peace, mental health.

The most enjoyable character - this is the fifth. Location enjoy, visiting clubs, restaurants, rest. However, it is a sign of love and creativity. Place the first date. Gaming site - may podfartit in the casino.

- Bad signs exist at all?
- Here is the sixth house in relation to your sign - not quite good.

- I - fish, my sixth "home" ... Leo? The city itself?
- It turns out so. This is a place of disease, subjugation. Not mean that the city should go to the middle of nowhere, just Kiev gives you a lot of trouble ... And then, the seventh sign - this partnership. Eighth - transformation, death. Unfavorable, to some extent - a dangerous place. Ninth - a sign of dreams, long-term perspective, the potential opportunities of higher education. By the way, if a country the ninth in relation to your sign - there is meaning to take off at least for education or job search.

Tenth just right for those who build a career. In the eleventh sign of the friends, they love us. Unlike other four, which we love.

- And finally, the twelfth?
- The mystery, pain, depression, isolation, jail. In general, neskladuha complete. I would not advise fanatet from astrological chart. After all, millions of people in the world, and only 12 characters. But consider, where to work, live, walk, learn - very useful. Besides, is now becoming clear - why in some places we are so good or how bad horror ... By the way, the principle of an astrological chart applies to the apartment: for instance, kitchen and bathroom - this is cancer. Toilet - scorpion. Bedroom - scales or lion, depending on what you do there. Children, too, under the sign of a lion. Cabinet - Capricorn. Hallway - Aries. Room - a lion.

- It turns out that the city can also be a horoscope?
- Yes, but do not know his exact birth date.
Make a prediction can be on the map of the territory of Ukraine - her date of birth is known to us, and the sign - Virgo. I must confess that Ukraine would have been a man - I would say that it is not very good. We would not hurt to be born anew, a new constitution, responsible approach to the choice of the date of the inauguration of the President, to have a new starting point. Under the sign of the Virgin and the Ukrainian hryvnia - very dependent on trivial factors. The girl, they say, "tsnotlyva. Her map shows this fall it will be a fever.

- Knowing your date of birth, can be predicted and the date of death: town, hryvnia, man?

- Can. But the main thing to remember about ethics, they say the date of death - is not accepted. Yes, and do not need.

Aries: Solomensky area. Since Aries tends to all the military, to Solomyanka Ministry of Defense, a number of military educational institutions. And Zhulyany - sign loves speed.

Taurus: Shevchenko (from the Botanical Garden), Victory Avenue, Pushkin Park, Zoo, Park Nyvky ". This former Radyanskoy and Zhovtnevy areas. Astrological Taurus tends to material things - markets, shopping centers. And the circus - he as a lion, loves fun.

Gemini: Golosiivskiy coincides with the area. Railroad: Avenue of Science, Academician Glushkov and Zabolotnogo. Vernadsky Library, bus station and bus station. To mark harakternay love for science and nature.

Cancer: Obolon Rybalskyi Peninsula. Water sign - and lakes, and comfort.

Leo: beyond the former Starokyivska passes through: Vladimirskaya Gorka - the Mariinsky Palace - Central Stadium - University - Lviv area - Andrew's Descent. To him applies Trukhanov island. This is a place of concerts, festivals.

Virgo: Podolsk district along the street Konstantinovskaya, Novokonstantinovskaya Frunze Vyshgorodsky through Kurenevka, Priorka, Wind Mountain, the vineyard (the grapes on astrology - a virgin), Riverport, Kontraktovaya and Postal Square Zhytny market and Petrovka. Differences - pedantry and diligence.

Libra: Brovarskiy Avenue and along the Green Line subway. Forest, Bykivnia, Old Darnica and the island Dolobetsky. Rainbow, Voskresenka and birch - are not included. This is the area of fertility, reassurance and education.

Scorpio: streets, Artem Melnikov Shchusev Stetsenko - are sufficiently serious industrial enterprises. That is, here the focus of skilled and intellectual forces. Cemetery, Lukyanovskaya prison, Babin Yar, flooding Kurenevka in 1961 - because it is also a sign of suffering, tragedies.

Stelets: from Hydropark and through Bereznyaki to the Kharkov array in the direction of the airport "Borispol". This is a sign of communication with other countries, an area with great potential.

Capricorn: all Pechersk - on Bankova Street. The metropolitan highway - in the direction Kozina and Training Center. Strict, sullen region - but honorable and prestigious.

Aquarius: Park of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow bridge, rainbow array Voskresenka and Troyeshchyna. Neighborhood different novelty and vastness, by the way, close to Russia.

Pisces: Borschagovka, Svyatoshyn, Belleci and Pusha-Vodice - a lot of water, as well as the fish symbol of the Spirit, not by chance occurrence of such names as here Svyatoshyn - from the word holy.

Eugene Danilenko newspaper in Kiev
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