Andrei Makarevich, Paul lives in a boa

09.07.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | Andrei Makarevich, Paul lives in a boa The popular musician Andrei Makarevich Natalia Dove divorced after seven years of marriage and now lives in a luxury cottage with a boa. House of the singer in the village near Moscow, Paul can be found on their own - on the balcony of his home housed a cow.

Not true - plastic. According to the musician, he participated in a charity event where the stars painted cows. His Burenka left with the auction of 38 thousand euros, while the singer himself was so pleased to paint a plastic animal, that he put up on the balcony.

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His house in Paul Makarevich furnished to your liking: a kitchen equipped with everything necessary for cooking, a barbecue on the veranda, and even in the house and the area has a swimming pool, sauna and studio artist. Such a house could fly to the singer in a lot of money. The average value of the home area of ​​800 square meters. Paul m on a plot of 30 acres is $ 5.4 million settlement has a cinema, expensive and prestigious school, a huge lake and forest. Wood was the decisive factor for the choice of Makarevich home. Previously, he lived on Rublevo-Uspensky highway Podushkino in the house, bought by Leonid Yarmolnik. But they began cutting down the old oak trees for the construction of the village elite, and the relationship with the local people once did not exist. In Paul's residents to their stellar neighbors are quiet. Makarevich in the cottage often visit friends.

"I recently had a ... Andrew Short, a nice home in a contemporary style, but not high-tech. The lawn had ordained, there is Christmas trees, flowers - all very neat and beautiful, "- said the director of a live band" Time Machine "Vladimir Sapunov.

Makarevich lives now one. With his wife, make-up artist Natalie Dove, he was divorced. The former husband travels to Argentina, a musician living in Paul, together with python. For a snake in the cottage allocated a special room. All of the people.
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