Anatoly Kinah: "The arrest of the taxpayer's property violated his rights"

17.11.2010 16:32
<em>Unwarranted expansion of powers of tax authorities, in particular, the resolution to seize the property of the taxpayer, as envisaged by the draft Tax Code, violates the rights of such taxpayers, the head of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP) Anatoly Kins.<br /></em><br />As the press office of UMB with reference to A. Kinakh, some rules of the draft Tax Code, which on Tuesday had been approved by Parliament on second reading, are unacceptable.<br /><br />"They (some of the provisions of the Tax Code) unreasonably extend the capabilities of the fiscal authorities and grossly violate the rights of taxpayers and citizens of the country", - said A. Kinakh.<br /><br />He explained that, in particular, the odious rule is the possibility of seizure of property without a court order, and this - a direct enhancement of administrative pressure on business entities.<br /><br />UMB also do not agree that businesses should not include in expenses the cost of goods, works and services purchased from an individual entrepreneur, who pays a single tax.<br /><br />"This decision automatically makes unprofitable such cooperation, will cause a veiled attack on small businesses, crippling the activities of small business because of its unattractiveness to taxpayers who are on the common system of taxation", - said A. Kinakh.<br /><br />In addition, industrialists and entrepreneurs do not perceive the rule that a decision on the documentary takes an unscheduled exit tax service body, at its discretion.<br /><br />USPP considers it necessary to be sure to find balanced solutions to these matters prior to the adoption of the Tax Code as a whole.<br /><br />As reported, the parliament on Tuesday adopted the second reading of 5 sections of the Tax Code, in particular, with respect to the administration of taxes and charges, income tax and value added tax (VAT).<br /><br />Thus, the Code extends some of the powers of tax authorities, in particular by allowing them to seize the taxpayer's property without a court order, including in the event of failure of the payer to conduct documentary checks if there is legal justification for its conduct or the admission of officials of the Authority of the State Tax Service .<br /><br />In addition, the document does not provide for the inclusion in gross expenditures for expenses incurred in connection with the acquisition of goods (works, services) from physical persons, a businessman who pays a single tax.<br /><br />The code also allowed the holding of an extraordinary documentary unscheduled audit by tax authorities, in particular, if the taxpayer has not provided in a timely tax return or payments if their supply is provided by law.<br /><br />The first reading of the document took place on 7 October this year.<br /><br />Interfax-Ukraine<br />
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