Alexander Kovalenko: «Market - it's not where the land, and where customers»

04.01.2011 00:05
Articles about real estate | Alexander Kovalenko: «Market - it On the situation in the suburban real estate market in the segment of the far cottages says commercial director Uniparx Service Alexander Kovalenko.

- Most of the villages without a contract company Uniparx Service is located in the Tula region. What is the difference between the Moscow region market areas without a contract and in neighboring regions?

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- I would not divide the market geographically. Indeed, in the economic sense of the word market - is not where the land, and where clients. It should be understood that the market itself is in Moscow. And the sites located in the Moscow region, and those who are outside it, compete with each other.

In some cases, geographic location is important, especially for those buyers who want to register at his dacha. Thus, in one case, the buyer will have a residence in the Moscow region, and in another, for example, in the Kaluga and Tula. For some buyers, this opportunity is important. But as practice shows, the choice of land for most buyers, this criterion is not the highest priority.

Another important point - leading engineering services. Outside of the Moscow region it is cheaper, so buyers can save such sites. So, summing up the gas and electricity in the Moscow region will cost from 500 rubles, but, for example, in Tula - from 150 rubles.

- What is the ratio of shares of local buyers and Moscow?

- The share of buyers of Tula and the Tula region is no more than 5%. Basically all of our customers live within the Ring Road.

- That is, the majority of your customers are willing to overcome the path of 100 km to the problem. What motivates them to it? Savings on closing the communication and the value of the land?

- The distance - a thing quite conventional. For example, in Yaroslavl Highway road 50 km can be overcome for 3-4 hours and sometimes longer. The route passes through many populated areas, where the maximum allowed speed - 60 km / h, and the width of the road is not more than two lanes in one direction.

We in Moscow are only two tracks have the status of federal highways: Simferopol and Kiev highway. On these routes are no traffic lights, the maximum allowed speed - 110 km / h, the width of most of the road is four lanes. Therefore, 100 km on a route can easily pass an hour and a half.

In addition, the farther away from Moscow, the better the environment. This is not surprising, because short-range areas of interest to Moscow businessmen for the construction industry.

Dacha 20 km from Moscow difference between the capital and "dacha" air is almost negligible. But in the 90-100 km from Moscow, it will be essential. It's not just in the air at a given distance nature is completely different - intact: for example, surrounded by our cottage settlements are found elk, wild boars, foxes, hares, beavers build their dams.

Therefore the price is not the determining factor when buying villas in more than 100 miles from home. Among our customers there are many wealthy people who can afford the land and, on average, in the Moscow suburbs, but do not consciously do this for reasons which I have just said.

- Most of the villages Uniparx Service displayed for sale only after a decorated RVI under country house construction or land transferred to the category of land settlements, and after the technical specifications prepared for construction engineering services. But the execution of all documents - a lengthy process and many companies prefer to issue documentation is in parallel with the sales. As to whether your approach?

- We consider it unfair to the buyer to sell the plots not made. You're ready to buy a car, not a set of individual items! Yes, I pre-sales of our villages because of the paperwork takes a long time, sometimes up to a year. But this approach allows us to sell the customer a finished product. In this case, a month later the buyer becomes the owner of the site, he has no problems connecting communications, and in the end it saves their own time and nerves.

- What are the prospects for long-distance market villas? What will happen to prices in 2011-2012?

- In the market long villas becomes more apparent shortage of attractive offers. Now prices start at 15-20 rubles per one hundred square meters without communication. Therefore, the potential for price growth still exists, and a considerable one. Therefore, if in 2009 the main task of many developers have been sold, the new season they will play on the price increase.

I think that by February-March 2011 activity will remain at current levels. And since the spring of the number of hits and transactions will begin to grow. And up to 2011 the cost of plots in economy class segment of the far cottages can grow from the current 15-17 thousand rubles to 30-35 rubles per one hundred square meters.

Market areas without a contract is being developed for about the same scenario as the market for city apartments, but with a delay of five to seven years. Attractive territory will end. Therefore, in a short time may cause the deficit and, as a consequence, prices for attractive sites located near large water areas with good specific characteristics, forest and prilesnye sites.

- The past few months, some experts talking about what the potential market growth of settlements without a contract has been exhausted and new-town projects in the majority will either be a village with a contract, or mixed villages. What do you think about this?

- A lot will depend on the economic development of Russia as a whole. Plots without a contract - it is, say, an economy version of the suburban real estate. If the economy develops rapidly, for example similar to that observed in 2005-2007, the dominant product, most likely sites with contract. If a slower pace - the main demand will still remain in the segment plots without a contract. If you talk about the short term, I think, in a season in 2011 the alignment of forces does not change fundamentally, and about 80-90% of transactions in the country market will occur in areas without a contract.
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