Adaptation of facilities under changing consumer demand

22.07.2010 10:59
A sharp decrease in demand for residential property as a result of the global financial crisis was bound to push the developers not only to changes in prices, variety of stocks and discounts, but also to adapt themselves to changing facilities to customers' requests.<br /><br />Today, people want to acquire a modern and high quality housing a small area. For this reason, our company has developed two ways to attract buyers. The first - reduction of the area of apartments in buildings under construction in Business Class. The second - improving comfort and quality in the homes of the economy class to the level of "economy plus". At the same price per square meter of living space is not increased.<br /><br />Warm House. Is an example of residential complex at Ave 50 th anniversary of Komsomol, 61 (Kharkov), which we started to build in the spring. The building is built on technology "Warm House", which we use in the construction of residential complexes in Business Class. The patented SC Zhilstroy-2 "technology" Multi-layer wall with ornamental stone layer "and" walling "completely exclude the occurrence of thermal bridges and walls are obtained very warm. Indicators of energy efficiency in houses exceed even established in January last year increased standards. In the outer walls between the facing bricks and aerated concrete is laid a layer of basalt mineral wool - energy-efficient building technology element of warm walls.<br /><br />With home improvement, we applied the principle operated roof: a courtyard area with playground, recreational areas and flower beds placed directly on the roof of the underground parking garage of the house. The special drainage system ensures safety roofing parking and drainage of water from the yard. This means that the surface of playgrounds will always remain dry.<br /><br />All these changes will lead to increased comfort of living in the homes of the class "economy plus" and, consequently, an increase in sales.<br /><strong>Alexander Konyukhov, Zhilstroy-2, Inc., Managing</strong><br />
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