Access to land market must be equal for all

18.04.2011 17:21
Articles about real estate | Access to land market must be equal for all The principal issues that should form the basis of the Law on the land market, is to ensure equal access to this market of business entities.

This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (ACU), Yuri Kravchenko, in an interview gezete "Day".

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Kravchenko said that AMC independently analyzed all the land laws, which have started to register in Parliament since 2008. According to him, the department saw in them certain restrictions on the right acquisition of land (especially agricultural), depending on subject composition of potential landlords. Limitations were found in the issue of limiting the volume concentration of land in the same hands.

"In order to avoid land issues, in my opinion, you need a principle that will determine the geographic boundaries of lands, - said Yuri Kravchenko. - After all, today there are six different categories of land." With respect to agricultural land, in his opinion, it is necessary to determine how much land and how the region is optimal from an economic point of view for effective farming. "Our challenge to each of the six segments of land in the hands of one person did not concentrate for more than 35%," - said the representative of AMC.

At the same time, Yuri Kravchenko is convinced that today the threat of monopolization of the market there. "This confirms the information available to the committee: today there is no set of facts monopolization of the land market," - he said.

We remind the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych demanded that the bills on the land market by the end of the first half.
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