A woman «married» for the building to save him from demolition

31.01.2012 11:06
Articles about real estate | A woman «married» for the building to save him from demolition The wedding ceremony took place on Sunday in Seattle. "Groom" girls are prepared for demolition in order to build in its place an apartment complex.

Babylonia Alvas "love" in 107-year-old warehouse building on Capitol Hill while attending a protest rally "Bring Seattle" (by analogy with "Bring Wall Street").

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According to the girl, who cites NWCN.com, «I hope that America wakes up and realizes at last that gentrification (the process of gentrification and urban renewal. - Ed.) - It is a very serious issue that affects the poor, and especially those which can not boast with white skin. "

"In the end, the site of this building would be a community center, homeless shelter, free kindergarten - but not the apartment complex," - said the activist.

Unfortunately, the union of the girls and the building is unlikely to be long - demolition underway.

Recall that in December 2011 in 25 U.S. cities Rally "Bring home", bringing together activists, who support more affordable housing, homeless advocates and other representatives of civil society.
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