Economy will suffer because of government preferential mortgage

22.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  Economy will suffer because of government preferential mortgage Government austerity program in the construction industry hardest hit by reduced mortgage, consider developers. " Most of the funding restrictions Minregionbud suffer the affordable housing program ," - said "lead" the head of the supervisory board " Kievgorstroy" Nikolai Porayko . His company built in 2013 as part of programs at a discounted mortgage 195 apartments . "This year we are ready to provide under these programs has 900 apartments , but how many of them will be financed through government programs is not yet known ," - says Porayko .

Officials said yesterday , as the direction of the construction plan to save 1.6 billion UAH . "We plan to more than 1 billion USD to stay with Regional Development Fund and another 600 million USD with the Ministry of Regional Development . The money we will concentrate in the reserve fund , as the need for additional financing and redistribution will be permanent , "- said the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oleksandr Shlapak .

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To date, the State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance ( accountable Minregionstroy ) scores in Ukraine only three concessional project. This " 30/70 ", which provides the minimum down payment the borrower 70 % of the cost of housing. The second program is called " Reduction in the cost of mortgages " ( 13% paid by the State on a monthly basis , and 3 % per annum - the borrower ) , and the third - " The state program for youth housing (people under the age of 35 years have the opportunity to get a soft loan for the purchase of property on 30 years at 3 % per annum ) . Total for 2013 State Fund was financed 3.4 thousand concessional loans totaling $ 303.8 million UAH .

"Most will reduce the funds allocated for the program" 70 to 30 " in favor of reimbursement of interest on loans. It is less costly for the government, and makes it possible to support more people , "- said Porayko .

Would not affect the government's austerity program funding preferential mortgages population the State Mortgage Institution ( via partner banks ) . "Our mortgage loans are financed from the budget and from funds raised from the bond issue ," - said "lead" the press service of the SMI . There is also clear that since the beginning of 2014 the institution has financed 137 loans for more than 30 million USD ( refinancing rate of 15.3 % per annum ) .
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