The real estate market of Ukraine - a reflection of our economy

10.12.2010 00:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market of Ukraine - a reflection of our economy Today, the most urgent issue for any buyer and seller of real estate - it is forecast the real estate market of Ukraine in 2011. The situation with house prices, every day more and more filled with optimism to the buyer, since real estate market is a good aground. Now, every buyer wants to increase the area of their homes with minimal risk, and most importantly with the maximum benefit - stood, waiting for the global sales of real estate.

This article we want to dedicate the "ordinary purchaser of real estate, which is almost impossible to know at least a rough prediction Ukrainian real estate due to the fact that all the media portrayed this information as it is beneficial to them, or rather to sellers of housing.

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In this article, we'll teach you to review the real estate market as accurately as possible, so you'll be able to understand the perspective of Ukrainian homes. To do this, follow these rules:

1. Do not believe the news and all sorts of marketing research, since all of this information is hidden advertising.

2. The real estate market in Ukraine is a full reflection of our economy, ie increase in property prices is synchronous with the improvement of the economy and vice versa. We give an example: remember when was the rapid growth in property prices, when Ukraine was given credits to our country believed foreign investors and gave us money for development. Then our economy really evolved and purchasing power in real estate only grew, the loans were available. Now, all the way around - the financial crisis has long passed, and live something does not feel better, the demand for real estate only to fall! How so? Once foreign investors a good "Prodinamili" money ball to us, nobody wants to give. This is a natural phenomenon, when in our country always something, somewhere to disappear, as well as with foreign investors, "It was yours, was our" - is currently the redistribution of funds in Ukrainian. As it happens, you yourselves know perfectly that reyderstvo have always been with impunity even examples of silly cause.

On this point we make a conclusion: that at the moment house prices are falling and will fall until the economy of our state is not stabilized. We ourselves do it without looking up, so anything we do not produce on sale - Import greatly exceed exports. Therefore, we hope to amniziyu Western investors, maybe they will forget all the hurt and once again come to the same rake. So what if this happens and you can guess the time of a significant infusion of foreign money into the economy of Ukraine - it's time to buy real estate, realtors said it "sure thing".

3. The simplest and most important rule by which you can make the most accurate forecast of real estate prices in Ukraine and abroad - is the ratio of the Offer-demand. "

This rule works flawlessly, if the demand for market housing exceeds the supply, respectively, property prices will rise and vice versa. Remember the period before the financial crisis as the rapidly growing real estate of Kiev? overview of the real estate market in 2011 All this happened due to manipulation of the primary developers of the property market. Level of purchasing power exceeds supply due to the fact that developers do not loudly advertise-selling homes. When the house is not built yet, advertise that 90% of apartments had already been sold - this is an artificially created considerable excitement at the primary and raise prices, while the secondary real estate market just pulled synchronously to the primary. These were the golden days when developers could not add the price of their square meters continually raising their prices. And banks with their mortgage has always been willing to help a naive buyer, so, too, at least developers are well warmed to clients.

Today we see how the real estate market "slumps", real estate prices are falling! Natural phenomenon, the number of proposals with each passing day becomes more and purchasing power is as low - now is the reverse process of "falling house prices." After all, developers do not benefit freeze their site and each month they increasingly add to the objects the real estate market, resulting in lower prices.

Real estate for people!

In general, the financial crisis, we can say thank you for having reduced the imperial ambitions of all developers in Ukraine, as well as finnuchrezhdeniyam. Unfortunately, this economic phenomenon hit the pockets of our citizens and their purchasing power, but ...

If the situation in the property market will continue, soon the Ukrainians will not pay for one-bedroom apartment in a sleeping bag 100 - 200 000 USD in the sleeping area, and perhaps it will buy 15-30 thousand, and will not plow her whole life. The main thing is to low purchasing power in real estate a couple of years survived.

We hope that the above "non-profit" information - to teach consumers to make accurate predictions themselves and they will become a "victim" of real estate salesmen who are very fond of imposing its own interests.
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