The construction boom has transformed into suburban low-cost apartment buildings

01.12.2010 00:01
The construction boom has transformed into suburban low-cost apartment buildings Dmitry Karpov builder not only builds homes, but multiple steps and business strategy. On the eve of the global economic crisis, he left the money place the chief economist of a large building holding Ukogrup to establish his little company. And not lost. The entrepreneur has started construction of residential houses in the suburbs of Kiev. Profits of his company is measured by six-digit numbers.

"I do not feel the crisis - only build and sell" - Karpov says.

Best of the competitive advantages in the construction business - Apartment prices twice lower than the market. Knowing this secret in times of crisis has helped builders such as Karpov, to stand up. In addition, the land outside the city fell almost tripled. In the labor market - hundreds of builders willing to work for a more modest salaries than two years ago.

Erected buildings Karpov - at home with a small number of floors, ie not requiring a complicated construction techniques. Another important factor determining the low cost of the project - a relatively low level of mandatory fees. Low compared to urban high-rise building where bureaucratic extortion almost double the cost of real estate.

Best of the competitive advantages in the construction business - Apartment prices twice lower than the market. Knowing this secret in times of crisis has helped builders such as Karpov, to stand up.

The capital's residents rated country ekonomvariant Karpova: Some already are packing suitcases for the move, and others - celebrate the new house. Liked the idea not only to the consumer masses, but the construction companies and estate agencies. Some are actively building, while others are actively selling.

As a result, according to the Construction Chamber of Ukraine, of a hundred built in the metropolitan suburbs in the first half of 2010 homes of low-rise format, today almost all have been sold. Half of the apartments had found a buyer yet at the stage of foundation.

One of the pioneers in the development of the suburbs of Victoria Mironova, capital web designer, to quickly navigate to the pricing policies of the modern world of real estate and became one of buyers of newly constructed apartments in the countryside. "The benefits can not be overestimated: the apartment in the picturesque Irpin cost me two times cheaper than in the capital" - happy housewarming.

Improved planning
The economic crisis has bankrupted the consumers, but housing demand remains extremely high. Excitement is quite understandable: according to the Real Estate Brokerage Agency of SAS, the average price of apartments in low-rise houses Irpin, Buchi and Vorzel area of 40 square meters. m ranges from $ 30 thousand

"By selling a one-room apartment in Kiev, in the suburbs you can buy two-bedroom apartment," - said the director of real estate agency SUN Dmitry Melnichenko.

The main secret of inexpensive suburban ekonomformata that low building requires no special equipment, as vysokoetazhki continues Vitaly Streltsov, a representative of one of the developers who did not want to name their company.

For example, a family Mironova her studio apartment in Irpen total area of 44 square meters. m a cost of $ 38 thousand, that is $ 863 per square meter. At the same time, according to real estate agency Blagovest, in the immediate neighborhood of the capital Irpin Svyatoshin average cost of a residential square in the new building - $ 2.1 thousand, nearly three times as much. The distance between these objects - about 10 km.

"Capable of handling virtually a team of dozens of builders - he explains. - This saves significant costs of the developer."

However, post-crisis low prices for apartments, according to Karpov, still remain, and because of the small building companies local authorities do not require "Taxed" in the form of welfare projects, which has become a tradition in the big cities and increases the cost of housing in metropolitan areas. "There is no one cause before putting the house in operation even finish building its own expense kindergartens or health clinics, as it opened in Kiev", - said Karpov.

Also, he believes that low prices for suburban housing are due to the fact that in regions smaller than in the city, developers are paying fees to various supervisory structures. "In the cities the amount of such payments as high as 40% of the cost per square meter, which makes the metropolitan housing is incredibly expensive," - says the builder.

Played into the hands of the buyer and the fall during the crisis of land prices in pristolichnom region. Melnichenko calculated: if two years ago, weaving land in Irpin cost about $ 35 thousand in 2010 prices dropped to $ 6 thousand, "This directly affects the cost of an apartment in the suburbs," - said the expert.

In addition, simplifies design of this building and the fact that low-rise building on the documents marked as private buildings. The builder does not expect the allocation of land by the city authorities, and builds on an already purchased the private sector. "It eliminates the costly state examinations and saves not only money themselves buyers, but also the time of delivery of object" - sure Melnichenko.

Save time and a very small amount of work, said Karpov, can pass the low-rise house in operation in 8-12 months after construction began.

"Initially, many fear to fly home on the stage of the basement, but when two months have seen kicked the box, it instantly calms" - continues to extol Melnichenko novelty of the construction market.

Forerunner ekonomformata suburban housing, according to the head of the marketing department of the company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko become remodeled into several apartments luxury villas, sales of which began immediately after the collapse of the market of expensive housing. "It has been such that already existing elite cottage villages pereplanirovyvalis and sold as housing economy class" - says the expert.

According Streltsov, the situation prompted the business itself, a commodity market needs. "This is the first house - a private mansion on one host, which was built before the crisis, here's townhouse, is divided into two owners during the crisis, and here is the child of the crisis - low-rise home for a dozen apartments" - indicates an entrepreneur to stand next to each other structure.

The company, which employs Streltsov, is the developer of a quarter of low-rise buildings in Vorzel. Some apartments have already sold, and he no doubt would soon find its owner and the second phase of housing.

"Now is the most popular item on the suburban real estate market, which needs no special promotion" - Sagittarius has no time to finish, as it is interrupted by a phone call: a new client in a hurry to know the price of vorzelskoe housing.

Neighbors on the site
The smell of big money and big developers sensed. Industry leaders, until recently mainly focused on the construction of metropolitan high-rises. And in 2010 they were actively wrested from their smaller competitors suburban market. So, according to Karpov, primarily from low-rise buildings in the suburbs is preparing to build Kyivmiskbud.

In particular, to build such houses Kyivmiskbud will be on the land area of no less than 5 hectares, which will automatically make this the largest building in the region. The first place to the expansion of the head Kievgorstroy called Buchu pristolichny city where construction maloetazhek did not stop even in a crisis.

Construction giants attracted small but nevertheless stable earnings - up to $ 300 thousand from each sales of low-rise homes. In this case, according to Melnichenko, cost-town square meter is about $ 500, while the average selling price is $ 850, which in itself provides a constant interest of buyers to these projects. "It's much better to sluggish capital's property market", - the expert believes.

The only thing that eclipsed optimistic mood of developers - is a legislative restriction area and the height of such buildings. Karpov told the correspondent, by law the total living area of these "small craft" homes should not exceed 500 square meters. m, and their height should be no more than two floors. If you do not meet this size, the developer, according to experts, will have to spend money on a lot of costly state examinations, during which both buyers and sellers are losing money and time.

Thus, in stopping mortgage cheap low-rise housing was virtually the only commodity that is being actively sold on the market.

To circumvent restrictions on number of storeys of the building, the builders have gone to the trick: with the two "legitimate" storey building completely residential "loft" and exactly the same dwelling "basement." "In fact, no one has not violated the law, but a person can live not only on the floors, but, for example, in the attic, which is a full residential floor," - said Melnichenko and invites a reporter to look at the "attic" apartment.

Thus, in stopping mortgage cheap low-rise housing was virtually the only commodity that is being actively sold on the market. "Without a mortgage, few Ukrainians would be able to pay for the entire metropolitan apartment - continues to seller - and so these low-rise homes in the suburbs - is the most realistic way to acquire their housing."

With such a low start, experts believe, the interest in-town housing, economy-will continue to grow. And the built-up area, according to SV Development, will not be limited Irpin Buchey and Vorzel, and will include Toompea, Brovary and Obukhov - virtually the entire suburb of Kiev.

"Now, amid sluggish capital market, cheaper suburban real estate investors will be interested more and more - sure Melnichenko. - And the future of the real estate market is not in Kiev, and at ten miles Warsaw route.
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