Suburban real estate market of Ukraine is stratified

25.04.2016 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Suburban real estate market of Ukraine is stratified In the villa housing market spring came suddenly: the buyer woke up in February. In the segment of cottage villages were reported deals with expensive objects, but a mass client developers attention bypassed. Demand exfoliate.  Residential Real Estate 2016

Over the past three years buying activity in the market of country houses and sites decreased. Key trends observed in this spring - localization of consumer interest in the segment of the cheapest villas, decline in demand for the plot, as well as the reorientation of the mass of the purchaser with the construction of cottage settlements in the secondary market suburban real estate. Moreover, against the background of many months of quiet period fixed by periodic bursts of activity of buyers in the most undemocratic price segments.

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Cottage Towns 2016

In the first quarter of this year, buying activity was divided, to put it mildly, is uneven. In January, it sold 2 houses and 46 plots - this is an absolute anti-record in the last five years. In February - also figures close to the minimum (one house, 69 sites), but with significant amendments remain outside the scope of quantitative indicators.

The main share of purchases in cottage settlements - plots without a contract with prices from 800 to 1000 dollars / hectare.. At the end of the winter revealed a thin layer of buyers who are not interested in the idle section of the road. And this is still a new trend: wealthy purchasers this time woke up early.

The trend towards an increase in the budgets of transactions observed in the segment of ready-made houses.

At the same time, the market of objects of mass consumption is not experiencing the best of times. Conflicts between owners and management companies in some projects become irreversible and affect the reputation of developers.

Houses and lands in projects experiencing problems on the part of the communication, the citizens have stopped buying. And developers promise that electricity, roads and communications "are about to be" buyers today do not believe. For this reason, future dache- and homeowners are increasingly reoriented from the primary market of country objects to the segment of homes and land in the classic gardening, suburban tracts or suburban areas.

In the cottage settlements purchasers evaluate, first of all, the pace of development of the project.

Secondary market: instead of the cottage resort

Last winter, Realtors-practice as the most inexpensive asks objects designated plots for construction of cottages. But from the moment the reality has changed: the bare ground - not in favor. But young families with children are now ready to invest in the suburban real estate funds, which previously spent on the holiday vacation.

The second half of February to many realtors, specializing in facilities in remote areas of the Kiev region, was unexpectedly successful. Hits consumer demand were "simply cheap cottages" for families with children. What are these objects? From the point of view of young parents who want to spend the whole summer with the children in the fresh air - a country house building in a small area. Objects without water and electricity are not considered. But the distance to the city for the buyer is not critical.

Another hit of previous years - suitable for permanent residence vacation home at the price of apartments. The main problem in this segment today - the divergence of consumer expectations and realities. In the price range of 30 to 60 thousand. Dollars the buyer wants to see a relatively new house with running water from the well and local sewerage and in horticulture and in the village.
Such an option is very small, so give preference to apartments or townhouses in the suburbs.

In other words, the suburban real estate market in 2016 and woke up early, apparently to sleep longer leave. However, sellers hardly makes sense to expect a rise in prices, rather the opposite: to take the opportunity to close the deal in the traditional high season (spring - early summer), will have to make concessions.
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