Rich prospects cottage towns of Zhytomyr direction

26.11.2010 00:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | Rich prospects cottage towns of Zhytomyr direction To date, Zhytomyr direction of the Kiev region is the leader in terms of construction and planned residential estates and the second most popular after the Obukhov. The prospects of development of this area, as well as details about its main characteristics and advantages of the experts have told the real estate market

Transport availability, infrastructure and territorial features

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Over the past few years in Zhytomyr direction began active construction of real estate for various applications. "This direction is promising for the realization of projects both residential and commercial real estate. The development of social infrastructure and cottage construction for each other synergies, "- says Yaroslav Chapko, director of Knight Frank LLC Ukraine.

Among the main factors contributing to the active construction of cottage settlements in Zhytomyr direction, experts have called the following: favorable ecological conditions, beautiful landscapes and abundant recreational areas, high transport accessibility to the city, advanced engineering services. Popular destinations due, primarily, the picturesque natural surroundings. This area is full of small rivers (this Zdvizh, Irpin Butch) and lakes located in such towns as picking up, Bobrytsya, parsley and Gorbovichi. The total length of river channel is about 360 km. The relief is flat with beautiful scenery and numerous forests.

In terms of transport accessibility of this area is considered one of the most developed. In particular, the route of Zhytomyr direction is the route of national importance and has enough high-quality coverage and high bandwidth. M06 highway Kyiv - Chop goes to the major metropolitan highway - Victory Avenue, which allows fairly quickly (25-30 minutes from the 30-km zone) around the city center. In addition, according to Jaroslava Chapko, "Zhitomir area is located on the right bank of the capital, and therefore, a trip to the city does not involve moving through the Dnieper bridges, where rush hour traffic becomes more complicated." However, at the same time in the morning traffic jams occur on all the roundabouts in the direction of the city center on Victory Avenue and in the evening - in reverse.

In Zhytomyr direction are actively developing facilities of social infrastructure. Here, building a hotel and hotel-restaurant complex, along the Zhytomyr highway located a number of popular venues country rest - Myslyvets "," Vechornitsі Club »,« Two Beaver "and others where you can spend the weekend with friends and family. Also in this area being completed modern golf course and developing are fishing ponds.

According to Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, the dynamic development of projects of country cottage real estate increases the attractiveness of Zhytomyr highway for the development of retail projects. Company DEOL Partners in 2007, announced construction of the first super regional shopping center Mall of Ukraine.

Major projects directions

Today Zhitomir area for the construction of suburban residential property is considered the second most popular after the Obukhov and leader in the number under construction and planned villa communities. Here are realized mainly cottage villages classes of business and economy plus with developed internal infrastructure. "The concept of most of the projects involves placing objects of social infrastructure on the campus, which is calculated as its residents and foreign visitors," - says Yaroslav Chapko.

According to the company SV Development, today in Zhytomyr direction more than 30 cottage communities that are at different stages of readiness, with a total of over 4,000 households. Fully built and put into operation seven villages (about 200 households): "Belogorodka" (10 households, pp. Belogorodka), "Forest" (6 cottages with. Forestry), "Lakeside" (20 households, pp. Gorbovichi) "Autumn" (30 houses with. Parking), "Priozerny (10 houses with. Parking)," Clear "(6 houses with. Yasnogorodka). Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing company SV Development, said separately cottage "Petrushka" (p. Gorenichi) - a major project, which is almost completed and has about 100 cottages.

Among more than 12 built villages with a total number of households around 3000, include the following:

• Business Class: The Grand Villas "," Severynivka "," Vodograi "," Michael's Garden "," German settlement "," New Garden "," Parity-service ";

• Economy class: "Kazkova Valley", "Lelechіy Hutіr", "Olіmpіk Park»;

• Economy class: "Beneficial", "Forest Fairy Tale."

The most successful projects, where the crisis being at least some construction work, Mr Stepenko attributes such towns as "Severynivka", "Michael's Garden" and "Grand Villas. At the design stage today is about 10 cottage communities, which together account for more than 1000 households.

If we talk about the main advantages of Zhytomyr direction, then, first of all, this is a direct arterial multi-lane street from the center to the exit of Kiev metro in the immediate vicinity of the city limits, suburban multilane highway, the absence of large settlements on the highway, as well as the location for right bank of the Dnieper River, which facilitates access to the city's business center. One shortcoming is the lack of border areas with major rivers and reservoirs. "In addition, in order to get to a number of cottage townships, it is necessary to pass through the villages, roads which are often of poor quality and have a lot of inconvenient for drivers turns and bends," - comments Yaroslav Chapko.

Active development of this direction is expected as the stabilization of the situation in the country where the majority of projects will continue an active construction. Currently, Zhytomyr direction characterized by the development projects of cottage townships business class and economy. "Zhytomyr highway is fast enough that you can organize your cottage villages on a fairly large distance from Kiev (30-50 km). In the future, this route will cottage villages class elites, who may be able to compete on price with the projects on track Obukhovskoy "- concludes Yaroslav Chapko.

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