Real estate crisis: why wait?

02.11.2010 15:19
Real Estate Market Analysis | Real estate crisis: why wait? Questions of the Internet audience responded officials, financiers, realtors, developers and other real estate market, writes 100m2.

So, the question: "What is more advantageous to buy now: an apartment or commercial property?" Alexander Okhrimenko, advisor to the Board Ukrgasbank, said: "If you want to receive investment income, then the best place to buy commercial real estate. If the same goal - to buy property for a living, but now is profitable to buy an apartment."

In turn, Vitaly Boyko, director of the company under the gun, "said the now difficult to decide what could be more profitable because there are interesting suggestions in all segments of real estate. Therefore, if there is no subjective preferences by property type, then must be considered all the options.

"Do you expect a fall increase in home prices in Kiev?" - Was the one of the questions online discussions. President of the Association of Realtors (Realtors) Andriy Shulga said that over the past month and a half the prices in Kiev have risen from 2 to 6%, driven and seasonality, and the desire of buyers to invest hryvnia resources, as most vendors exhibited rates of objects in the local currency. This was clearly seen on the dynamics of prices in the cheapest market segments. But the scenario of the macroeconomic indicators will make their adjustments, and the traditional decline in activity of the market by late summer, early fall, too.

Popular questions online discussions was the issue of whether one can now buy a good one-room apartment for about 40 thousand have. e. "In Kiev without problems, but far from the subway. And in the province there is a good one-bedroom apartments and 20 thousand have. e." - said Alexander Okhrimenko.

The same opinion was expressed by Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing for SV Development: "Buy an apartment in Kiev for 40 thousand have. E. - is quite real, but such options do not stay on the market. I can advise buyers to apply to multiple agencies - so the chances to buy a flat will be higher. I must say that the apartments for 40-60 thousand - today's most popular deals on the market. "

On the question of when the same will be achieved price bottom (new, second home, land) and what the prognosis for the next 3-5 years, Alexander Rubanov, president of the Union of Realtors of Ukraine, said: "We look forward to autumn 2010 feel the signs of stabilization in almost all segments, except for new buildings. "

"If this fall collapse hryvnia, then the property market will freeze until the spring of 2010 - such forecasts are made Andrey Shulga. - The following is the second round of spring activity, then summer and autumn 2010 will give us is quite lively and active market. If same collapse will not be, market activity will increase this fall. "

Meanwhile, people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Yatsuba says:

"The following prices than in times of crisis, will not. I think that year and a half to two construction industry back to normal. But is sure to be the time interval before the start of recovery rates of construction, when the proposal will be minimal. And if the proposal is less the price - more. If housing is not, then the price will rise.

In my opinion, today the prices to buy a home - the most profitable. But again, this is for those who have money. Take out a loan right now is problematic. As far as I know, now less than 25% can not take credit. Well, who would be on such loans are resolved? ".

One of the most pressing issue was investment in construction, which "froze". Lawyer Natalia Dotsenko-Belous recommended to do the following: "If the construction of the project is suspended, but his willingness interest is high enough, you can:

1. Implement self-organization of investors through the creation of housing co-operative.

2. To negotiate with the developer to identify possible prospects for completion of the object. In an extreme case, it is recommended to resort to replacing the developer through the recognition of ownership of an object under construction for the co-op with subsequent re-issuance of permits and land rights.

This sequence of actions to prevent risks that may be caused by "bringing the developer into bankruptcy" through the creation of secured debt. "

"If the building is" frozen "and you get paid, then you need to understand that no one except you will not solve this problem - such advice given Sergey Grabar, executive director of the Ukrainian Construction Association. - You must defend their rights. To revise the documents which is in the hands of private investors. Find out with whom the contract was made - consult with a lawyer.

And then you have the right to claim directly from the developer about what is happening with the construction of the house, and he owes you explain the situation.

If the situation you will not be clear and you will not give any guarantees, which are backed by legal documents, you can go to court. You should know that the best effort. "

Also relevant was the question of when to buy an apartment: in the summer or fall?

"Property prices have now stabilized, and abrupt changes in the near future should not expect, - says Vladimir Stepenko. - You can tell that by September the market will reach" bottom price. "In this summer - not the best time to sell or buy apartment. And this is connected primarily with the traditional decline in business activity.

Thus, potential home buyers can not expect that the offer on the market - max. By autumn, it can grow by 1,5-2 times. For comparison: in the databases of agencies in March and April, there were about 20 thousand apartments and offer to fly down to 6-7 thousand Because sellers are also aware that in the summer of buyers is much smaller.

Thus, buying and selling real estate in the summer - it's not very profitable. However, a decent offer on the market there - there are plenty to choose from.

And the reason for global price changes there, prices can fluctuate within 3.1%.

Most experts gave detailed answers to questions concerning the legal framework, namely: "Do you think our legislative framework that governs the relationship between real estate developers, home buyers, sellers and intermediaries, perfect, and how? Does the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine are some concrete steps to eliminate existing gaps in legislation relating to real estate in general and housing in particular? ".

Thus, Dmitry Isayenko, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine, said: "I agree that legislation is not perfect. And now we are preparing to make a few changes, in particular, the Law № 800 (" On the Prevention of the global financial crisis the development of the construction industry and housing "). Because not all aspects are working there. For example, the provision of certificates Chamber of Commerce. A lot of outstanding issues and to receive and commissioning.

For example, we adopted the Law № 509 ("On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to promote the construction") which amends part of legislation on admission to operation, but were special laws which allow the same fire, and sanepidemstantsii others claim to attend the reception facilities, which naturally complicates the process. With regard to intermediaries in the buying and selling homes.

The law "On financial and credit mechanisms and management of property for housing and real estate transactions in the third or fourth time that has already made changes, but he is so confused that it had to be sent to the second reading. Many deputies have an opinion on this matter. But my position and the position Minregionstroya that the law of financial-credit mechanisms do not work.

Of course, this is no time to make some revolutionary changes, but I think you have to learn from European experiences and move on to civilized laws. Need to jump on the opportunity to purchase the citizens of finished housing. And just like that. We have carefully studied the experience of many countries and believe that the most secure is the sale of housing on the secondary market. We need to create conditions for the developer so he could get a loan for which he would build and then sell the finished apartments.

"I'm with my lawyers registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on which to legitimize the former cottages and houses on the so-called gardens, - said Vladimir Yatsuba. - This phenomenon is only in Ukraine. Nowhere in the world do not share accommodation at garden and cottages - it's all housing. In the near future, I think this law is adopted, people will be able to legalize the house, including those that were built over the past 17 years. People will get a residence permit, and at home - the official address.
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