Predictions of the secondary real estate market in 2011

16.12.2010 15:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | Predictions of the secondary real estate market in 2011 The portal LІ today, December 16, held online discussions on the topic: "The results of the year in the secondary housing market."
During the discussion, independent experts, representatives of regulatory bodies and companies - market participants responded to the most pressing and interesting questions online audience.

In leaving in 2010 to return to pre-crisis level of sales of secondary housing failed. Prices in the end showed a fall. Transactions in the market is hampered by lack of affordable mortgages and low paying customers.

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How will the legislative innovations in the housing market? And what will happen to housing prices in 2011?
This question answered by experts of real estate market.

Artyukhov Michael, Founder and Managing Director, ARPA Real Estate:

Yes, suppose the market could fall by 5-7%. However, buying all the same now, without waiting for the fall: First, you can get a good discount of 15-20%, and secondly, making a purchase for yourself, you live in this place at least 10.7 years (during which time Real estate is likely to rise in price percent to 150%). Therefore, for the buyer, not the investor, is important rather than the dynamics of market prices, but there is a real apartment, which would have attracted him.

Pilipchuk Arthur, director of real estate agency "VALION":

- "Bottom" was in March 2009. Then the minimum cost of apartments in Kiev was 35 tys.u.e. In April 2009 there was a "kickback" and the minimum cost has risen to 40 tys.u.e. At this level, she holds to this day.

According to the forecast: the main characteristics of the real estate market are: its activity (transactions) and the price index. In 2010, both characteristics have shown a stubborn stability. Forecast for 2011: in the first half we will see increased activity at a fixed price, in the second half of the year will slow but long-term positive price trend.

Ermolenko Mikhail, CEO, Knight Frank LLC Ukraine:

-Now is a good time to choose what you really like. Currently, you can choose from a variety of options to bargain, take a break, go back to the seller to re-supply and - get what you want. According to our estimates, prices in general, the market decline will not be for a maximum of 2-4%, waiting for a meltdown or no sense. Now "buyer's market" and it should use.

Bondarenko Alexander, National Board of Realtor Chamber President:
-My prediction for 2011, derived from analysis of the overall economic situation, state of the mortgage market and real income. In my opinion, within 10 months of prices in the secondary real estate market will decline by 1,2 - 1,7% per month. An additional argument for this conclusion is the general state of pricing in the primary real estate market. Now 1m.kv. in the primary market can be purchased for $ 1000 (8000 USD).. B (normal countries) price in the secondary market is 20% higher than in the primary. Thus the price on the secondary real estate market in Kiev should be $ 1200 for 1m.kv. We verify this prediction in December 2011.

Victor Kovalenko
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