New suburbs: where, what, how much?

22.10.2010 20:59
New suburbs: where, what, how much? Buying a home in the suburbs - it's a good alternative for people who want to move closer to the capital from other Russian regions, as well as for those who have insufficient funds to purchase real estate in Moscow. That today can offer in this category, customer near Moscow housing market?

Muscovites and come in large numbers "
Muscovites and residents of other regions look at Moscow market varies. For example, young people living with parents in the capital, in no hurry to fly away from under their wings. On their own apartment in Moscow, they have not accumulated, and in Moscow, despite the lower cost of housing, refuse to go. Their prospect scares every day to get to work and back home by train, hours of traffic jams, poor infrastructure and other inconveniences that are turning a blind eye just those who "come in large numbers." For residents of other regions outside Moscow apartment - a way to get closer to Moscow, to save on rent and to solve the problem with permanent recording. And that, in their view, far more important things than the presence of the fitness center or shopping mall in the city. At least for that period, while the need to "catch".

In fact, according to Dmitry Taganova, Head of Research Center Corporation Incom, potentially ready to buy an apartment in the suburbs 70% of buyers. However, the real deal go to no more than 10-15%, then there are those in dire need of better housing conditions and limited resources. Others only consider buying a home in the suburbs as one of the options, with the caveat that the city will have the necessary conditions for a comfortable existence. But as you know, the infrastructure in the suburban cities of developed heterogeneous and generally weaker than in the capital.

Most rapidly in the suburbs fly studio apartments. "Kopeck piece" is also in demand. Apartment with a large number of rooms are waiting for their owners a little longer, because their cost is higher. "There is still the greatest demand is for apartments in ready homes or in those new buildings that have already passed or state commission, or it should be about to happen - says the expert. - For buyers it is convenient: after the transaction, they almost immediately get the keys and can start to repair. This is also due to the situation in the market: the banks are reluctant to continue lending to home buyers, which is at the level of excavation.

According to the company INCOM-Realty, the average cost per square meter in the primary market of housing in Moscow is 60.78 rubles. For comparison: in Moscow this figure is estimated at 156.7 thousand rubles. per square. m. The cost of construction in the suburbs, too, below the capital. Square meter in the panel house would cost the developer a $ 1.2 thousand, in a monolithic - $ 1,5 thousand in Moscow this figure is $ 1.5 thousand for the panel, and $ 2 thousand for the monolith.

The most popular among buyers enjoy the city with good conditions to live and work. This Khimki, Reutov, Mytishchi, Odintsovo Dolgoprudny. "Some buyers of apartments outside the Moscow Ring Road, it is important to have created jobs, and they do not have daily spending much time on a trip to the capital. Unfortunately, very few cities can offer high quality work with a more or less adequate income. Solve the problem will help the comprehensive development areas, ie the construction business and shopping centers, logistics and hotel complexes, as well as social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, recreational centers, etc. However, you should consider a class of both the residential complex, and locality in general. For example, business centers class A, built in the area will be little demand for tenants. In contrast, high-quality, yet affordable offices will enjoy increased popularity among owners of small and medium enterprises ", - said Dmitry Taganov.

Podmoskovny backbone
As in Moscow in recent years, constantly decreasing number of new construction sites, developers are increasingly turning their attention to suburbs. Today we can say that here has shifted housing. Monolithic buildings is carried out in satellite towns: Aprelevka, Balashikha Ivanteevka, Krasnogorsk, Reutov, Train, and others on key parameters such projects do not differ from metropolitan counterparts. Constructed and the model series of panel houses.

Consumer preferences also shifted in favor of the cities located outside Moscow. Artem Rzhavsky, director of consulting and analytics company "ABC Housing, provides these details:" A few years ago the proportion of purchases of apartments on the market of new buildings in Moscow and Moscow region was 55% and 45%, respectively, in 2010, the proportion of the area has increased to 75 %. Moreover, almost two-thirds purchased apartments in the Moscow region are located in the Moscow region. Indicators considered in the overall urban structure of demand for new buildings of Moscow Region are: Khimki - 6,0%, Krasnogorsk - 4,0%, Mytishchi - 2,4%, Lyubertsy - 7,2%, Balashikha - 7,4%, Reutov - 0,3%, Dzerzhinsky - 0,1%.

Five years ago in the Moscow region, continues to experts with up to 65% of all new buildings being built in the Moscow region. However, in recent years with the expansion of geography of the construction of this figure was reduced to 50-55% (many construction projects have moved in the medial zone of Moscow region). In September 2010, in the Moscow region in the public sale had been submitted more than 580 residential buildings, the proportion of cities considered in the total supply was: Khimki - 4,8%, Krasnogorsk - 5,8%, Mytishchi - 3,5%, Lyubertsy - 4 , 6%, Balashikha - 6,0%, Reutov - 0,6%, Dzerzhinsky - 0,2%.

Demand for property in Khimki, Lyubertsy and Balashikha exceeds supply. Apartments in new buildings here are in high popularity among buyers and intensely absorbed by the market.

For different pocket
The estimated bid price of apartments in Moscow region - about 2 million rubles. For example, over 2.2 million rubles. You can buy "odnushku" area of 43 square meters. m-fabricated house in Ostrowiec. At 2.5 million rubles. cost one-bedroom apartment area of 53 square meters. m LC "Youth" in Solnechnogorsk. In a similar in LC "Novoshodnensky" offer studio apartment is 28 square meters. m with a finish of 1.5 million rubles.

Prices per square meter in new uneven. Artem Rzhavsky gives the following information: "In Khimki square meter costs 75.1 thousand rubles., Krasnogorsk - 105,7 thousand rubles. In Mytischi - 82.9 thousand rubles. In Lyubertsy - 66,8 thousand rub., Balashikha - 70.1 thousand rubles. in Reutov - 87,2 thousand rubles. in Dzerzhinsk - 68.4 thousand rubles. From the beginning, the weighted average price for a "square" in new Moscow region and Moscow suburbs has increased by 5,1%. In this case, the individual most popular sites rise in prices amounted to 10-15%. Deterrent to increasing the average level of prices began to market for new facilities in the early stages of construction, of course, at lower prices. "

Experts predict up to 2010 increase in the average price per square meter of new buildings in the Moscow region of 10-12% relative to the end of 2009. In this case, the rate of appreciation of the objects of economy and comfort of classes that use massive demand, will tend to the upper limit of the above range, and is likely to reach 12%. Indicators of price dynamics in housing estates business class will be slightly lag behind the average market rate: the annual price increase will not exceed 8-10%.

Who is looking for - that will
In a crisis, as we know, have been frozen many projects. "In 2009 the whole country the volume of housing construction fell by 6.7% relative to the figure in 2008 and amounted to 59.8 million square meters. m, - said Artyom Rzhavsky. - However, the Moscow region was among the few regions where housing and actively introduced during the crisis. In 2009, there has been deposited with the state commission 8,500,000 square meters. m of residential space, which is 7.2% higher than in 2008.

In 2009, being completed in the main facility, construction of which began before September 2008, new projects on the market did not go. Only at the end of last year working on many construction sites previously suspended resumed. This year once again continued the construction of more than 70% of previously frozen objects. Project organizations have begun to receive orders for the development of documentation, which indicates that the proposed new projects. From January to the beginning of autumn this year in the Moscow region, according to the expert, was commissioned in 3623.9 thous. m of residential areas, lagging behind the performance in 2009 was only 2.4%.

Today in Balashikha continuing complex reconstruction md. 28, development md. 22, Luchino quarter, Western Communal Area (LC "Balashikha City"). In Lyubertsi built md. Red Hill. In Mytishchi by comprehensive development district Yaroslavsky - more than 1 million square feet. m. discuss options reconception territory "Mytishchi Instrument Plant (Lime 1 st per.), where the territory of more than 4 hectares is planned complex reconstruction. In Khimki being built in areas Novokurkino, left bank, continues to develop md. Lobanov.

According to the company "ABC housing, beginning in 2010 announced the launch of the following construction projects on the territory of the considered cities near Moscow:

• Balashikha, md. 27, Bldg. 22, 22a
• Balashikha, md. Sacramento
• Lyubertsy, October Ave, Bldg. 12
• Krasnogorsk, LC "Youth"
• Krasnogorsk, md. Spassky Bridge
• Krasnogorskij rn, Otradnenskoye s / n, LCD Kingston

In addition, a public sale of new buildings were withdrawn at the following addresses:

• Khimki Novokurkino rn, md. 7, Bldg. 21, 21a
• Khimki, md. Levoberezhniy, ow. 11
• Khimki, young naturalists Str. LCD "Right Coast"
• Khimki, md. Lobanov, near the street. Chernyshevsky, Bldg. 4
• Mytishchi, md. 15, K. 5, RC "Yaroslavl"
• Balashikha southern md., Nekrasov Str. Bldg. 22, 22a
• Balashikha, md. 22, Bldg. 3
• Balashikha, md. 28, Bldg. 9A
• Balashikha, Western com. Zone, 18 km M-7 "Volga", md. 1, Bldg. 3, 4, Yellow "Balashikha City"
• Balashikhinsky rn, Fedurnovo der., Aviarembaza Str. (Mkr. IRPA), Bldg. K-4
• Lyubertsy, md. Red Hill, Apt. 7-8, Bldg. 20
• Krasnogorsk, Postal Str., 16
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