Metamorphosis of the market: new formats in the market of cottage townships

16.09.2010 10:40
Real Estate Market Analysis | Metamorphosis of the market: new formats in the market of cottage townships At a suburban market continued metamorphosis. As the crisis developed rapidly new and sometimes quite bizarre, formats, developers have readjusted under the will or the ability of impoverished consumers. But now the demand comes back into emergency channel. Again the actual classics, and new formats ... What will happen to them?

All of them - in a row!
According to the company "RealEkspo", the primary sales today are about 60 cottage towns Kiev region: it concerns constructed and built towns. Construct new facilities, but not more than 20-25% of the pre-crisis level. "Sentence structure significantly changed, - said director of consulting company" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko. - There was a lot of sites without a contract, which practically did not exist previously. Many people buy them for investment purposes. In addition, plots without a contract can save and defer construction of the house until better times. For example, land in the cottage "Yablonovska gardens" (Makarovsky district) can be purchased for only $ 500 per hundred square meters.

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In the same area Makarovskyy 2 more new projects are selling land at $ 1300 per drain ("Kalina", "Country Village").

Size does matter
Interesting metamorphosis occurs and the size of plots and houses. In a crisis, these indicators rapidly decreased, which continues to this day. According to Victor Kovalenko, the area of land offered for sale, declined to 7.3 hectare to a minimum ("Fairy Tale", "Pine Forest"). Area homes declined very significantly. Developers offer a home from 35 sq.m (Pine Forest Villas) to 700 sq ft (Desniansko) "One of the most popular proposals in 2009 were plots to 8 hectare - they accounted for about 30% of land transactions. We note once again that consumer preferences are concentrated on larger allotments of 10 hectare. The same with houses. Earlier proposals for houses up to 150 square meters. m actually not there, and buyers preferred to 200-300 square meters. m. In a crisis there was a demand for facilities for 90-130 square meters. m, and developers began to actively build. About 22% of deals in 2009 accounted for a small structure. The most sought-format became cottages from 120 to 220 square meters. m ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

Total minimization!
Against the background of decreasing the area has decreased the number of households in small towns: the minimum number of houses noted in the cottage "Three heroes" (Makarov district), Pine Forest - 4 houses (Boryspil district). In addition, costs are reduced by eliminating the entire, without which you can do. Thus, in many towns developer changes the basic construction materials: a stone and logs moved to the economical laminated board. Accordingly, changes and class: elitka becomes a business, business - in the economy. actively developed previously unpopular areas: Borodyansky, Makarov. Land there cheaper and more available plots.
Result - decrease in prices by 40-50%, and in some places - three times! (Michael's Garden).

Barak, or house?
Against this background, especially wild looks new invention of business - town house, dormitory, an apartment house in the garden. This is done simply. Firm buys 10 sotok appointment "for individual residential construction. The law limits the amount of "private dwelling": the height of 15 m, the area up to 1,5 thousand square meters. m. This is enough to build a three-story house at 20-50 apartments. Seems this "skyscraper" as a barracks behind impenetrable fence, but because of low prices is shoppers.

Time will
"The most in demand today completed settlements in an environmentally friendly place, with a modern concept and competent, not overburdened infrastructure, - said Victor Kovalenko. - And, despite the abundance of suggestions for really good projects not so much. So successful have already begun to appreciate.
However, the crisis winds will not get lost on a country segment. Rationality, the rejection of the excesses, the desire for comfort, not prestige - these trends have made the market more mature. Thing of the past, only the extreme, when the desire to save defies common sense. Market habitually discarded everything is temporary, and successful discoveries remain and develop in the new conditions.
Viktor Kovalenko
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